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The Virgo Women
And Their Characteristics
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  • You are tall with a slender body.

  • Your eyes & hair are dark in color. Eyebrows are curved and bushy. The nose is straight and the forehead - prominent.
  • Quite an active person, you walk faster than normal females and therefore are unlikely to ever develop a pot belly.


  • Analysis and research are your strong points. You will try to go deeply into the things and look for the finer prints.
  • You will try to understand the details of a things and explain them to others.


  • Your nature changes from time to time. You are thorough and methodical and have the habit of keeping things exactly at the same place in a very systematic manner.
  • A Virgo woman has a scientific bent of mind and will reaso and rationalise everything. She also often questions the traditional ideas and ways of life.
  • Understand human nature is easy for you. Blessed with a sharp brain it is not very difficult for you to manipulate other people. You can disguise your real self and can put forth the face you want for a particular situation.
  • You can plan well. You can become good diplomats and research scholars.
  • You look calm and contended n the surface but below that you are a pool of nervous tensions, living on your nerves all the times. You also have a tendency of searching for something which you do not know exactly. This can lead to depressions.
  • You are quick in actions like walking, talking or reacting and you have little tendency to put on extra weight. You try to keep yourself slim and trim most of the times.
  • Worries coupled with your tense nature lead to digestive and intestinal problems. You may have problems related to dysentery, typhoid, swelling of intestines and gall bladder stones.
  • Your talents and your will to earn money take you to far off places and you shall earn your way up the ladder. You may not start wealthy but you will reach a point where wealth will come to you easily and automatically.
  • For a Virgo woman , romance has a very different meaning in life.
  • You tend to find a person of higher or atleast equal intellectual calibre and when you find him, you keep him guessing and are not demonstrative yourself. This leads to situations where both the people love each other but neither of them is sure about it.
  • Even then some of the most strong relationships are possible if someone meets all your criteria .. you will then forget the world and virtually worship him.
  • On the negative side, you may try to use your partner / lover by manipulative behaviour.
  • You will like to be known as a nice girl than being known as a charming or beautiful girl.
  • Your standards are very high - you will not be attracted by someone who gives too much importance to sex. Waist is your hot spot.
  • Marriage will be a very rewarding experience for you. You can handle your house most methodically and with a very refined taste.
  • You are responsible and most efficient. However If your husband is not so methodical and cannot cope with your craze for keeping everything tidy and in its place, take that in your stride and do not become irritable or annoyed with him. Otherwise he may get fed up leading to problems in your married life.
  • Too much changeability and looking for finer details and finding faults is your weak point. Do not expect too much from every person in the world otherwise, it may become very yough for you.
  • You should also try to reduce your nervous tensions by playing outdoor games.
  • Lucky days are Wednesday, Friday, Thursday and Monday.
  • Lucky colors are Green, White & Yellow.
  • Lucky numbers are 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7.
  • You should wear Emerald and Yellow Sapphire. The Gemstones should be of a vibrant Aura and should have never been worn before. The weight can be decided as per your body weight and age.

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