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The Aries Women
And Their Characteristics
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  • The Women born in this sun sign are of medium height. The body is muscular and is not very soft and plump.

  • The head is broad at the temples and narrow at the chin. Eyes have brown or grey shade .The eyebrows are bushy.
  • The neck and the face of Aries women are longish and the skin is of very good texture.


  • Arian woman is ambitious and bold. Her actions are impulsive and she definitely believes in work. Highly optimistic by nature she exerts to attain what she wants in life.
  • However some times rashness of action is also seen. You are not afraid of people and situations and can take on any enemy. You are short tempered and do not realize your weaknesses but may repent it later.


  • You are full of energy and do not escape from responsibility that is given to you. Arian women are generally truthful and it is very difficult for them to keep a secret. Frankness and open mindedness are their two very special attributes. She is not submissive in nature.
  • Women born in Aries sign have the ability to take quick actions and decisions.
  • They seldom like to take suggestions from others and ultimately act according to their own will.
  • You are best fitted to guide, control and govern others.
  • Though Aries born women are of generally good health but few scars on the face and accidents (minor and major) are not uncommon amongst them.
  • You may suffer from headaches, burns, inflammatory diseases, high fever, colic pains, paralysis, insomnia, pimples, ringworm's, migraine, small pox etc.
  • You should rest and sleep and have high protein food and fresh vegetables. You must do regular meditation so that your extra energy is channelized positively.
  • The money front for Arian women is not stable. You will earn a lot by your effort and shall spend it in rash and impulsive purchases.
  • Investments made by Aries do not not pay well because of lack of planning. You should not make an investment decision impulsively, but after carefully studying all the pros & cons & taking expert opinion.
  • Due to extra energy, Aries females always love to have male company. Unlike other women you want to be a leader in love life also. You have the initiative to make the first move in a relationship.
  • An Arian woman can make her man understand her motives and shall be happy when he reacts to them. The best a man can do in a relationship with you is to resist your impact as much as he can.
  • You can have a long relationship with a man that you can be proud of and show to the world like a trophy.
  • A highly passionate female that you are , you like to be a leader in the foreplay also. Playing with hair delights you most.
  • Every part above the neck is your hot spot.
  • In married life, either you will have such a good adjustment with your husband that makes all other women jealous of you or on the reverse side you will behave in a manner that cuts short the relationship.
  • The reason for the above is that you can not be cowed down by your partner even for a short period of time. You cannot see your husband praising anybody else in your presence.
  • The Arian woman being a little aggressive, only very calm and tactful husband can deal with them. Otherwise the married life will face rough weather.
  • You should try to keep your temper tied down and see reason before getting angry.
  • A word of caution for you "Avoid hot spicy non - vegetarian foods and be in plenty of air and outdoor life". That shall help in keeping your cool..
  • Lucky days are Tuesday, Saturday and Fridays.
  • Lucky color is blue.
  • Lucky numbers are 9, 8 and 6.
  • You can wear Red coral, Ruby and Yellow sapphire. The gem should be of a vibrant aura and should never have been worn before. The weight has to be decided as per your body weight and age.

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