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The Cancer Women
And Their Characteristics
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  • You have an oval to round face. The upper body is large and the limbs are slender.

  • However , some of you have a tendency to overeat - leading to a prominent abdomen by the early middle age.
  • Cancerian women have generally nice teeth and their eyes tend to be watery at times.The hair are normally brown and skin - somewhat pale.
  • More often than not,females born this in this particular zodiac sign are not very tall.


  • You have a strong mental ability to carry the masses with you. Cancerian women are good orators and can prove to be excellent teachers, preachers and public speakers. They also possess a good memory.
  • A deeper understanding of emotions and interest in poetry are common amongst Cancerian women as they are a very emotional person themselves and tend to write poetry at some stage of their life.


  • You have a very varied nature, being very timid some times and quite courageous at other . It is also not very easy to judge you or make definitive comments about your personality in one go.
  • Cancerrian women are sympathetic ,to the extent of being over sensitive. As a result they get irritated easily.On the positive side you also have some magnetic qualities that help you have increased charisma and greator degree of fame.
  • Your lord moon also gives you a keen sense of art and writing . Though it sounds quite funny , some of you can also develop psychic powers more easily than your counterparts of other signs.
  • Anger and mushy feelings come to you as quickly but they also make a quick departure as well. This particular trait can make you look very strange or even queer types to the people around you.
  • You keep fragile to moderately good health until youth but the constitution becomes stronger as the age advances.
  • The chest and stomach are two weak areas. The possible diseases are TB, asthma,gastric disturbances and weak digestion. Some of the other diseases that might trouble you are over indulgence in alcoholic drinks, excessive eating and some kind of a fear complex.
  • Very few Cancer born natives accumulate wealth in their early years. Being quite easy with thier finances, they spend a lot on travelling and to an extent in also showing off their wealth.
  • But as you reach middle age you understand the virtues of saving and then you tend to save and invest quite seriously . That leads to a comfortable later life.
  • Cancerian women are romantic and passionate by nature . They are very sincere and devoted in thier relationship with the opposite sex but are seldom understood correctly or get an equal reciprocal sincerity.
  • Your ideas of love and romance come straight from the story book and you have very great expectations from your partner.
  • The area around the naval cavity is the hotspot from you.
  • For you the home is of a great consequence and family life will be very important to you. You will tend to marry early because you prefer settled life and children.
  • You are sincere in marriage and devoted to the family but sometimes you tend to be overly critical and dissatisfied. This leads to an innecessary increase in your tensions.
  • Daydreaming and one-sided relationships (where one wants to take most willingly and give hesitantly) - are the peculiar problems faced by the cancer born people. You should try to correct this and also reduce the quick variations of your moods.
  • Lucky days are Monday & Sunday.
  • Lucky color is hite, Cream, Red and Yellow.
  • Lucky numbers are2,7 and 9.
  • Pearl and Ruby are the recommended gemstones for you. The Gem should be of vibrant Aura and should never have been used before.The weight of the Gem will be decided as per your age and body weight.

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