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The Libra Women
And Their Characteristics
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  • Of all the signs, Libra has the maximum share of beautiful women. You are tall with a proportional body. Your limbs are slender but strong. You are attractive, graceful and courteous.


  • You are a levelheaded person. With your fruitful imagination and intellectual capacity you successfully win over the hearts. On the negative side, you are a nagger. You may have negative thoughts and oftenly this may leads to strong depressions.


  • You posses some supreme power in yourself. Use it for some constructive purpose.
  • Libran's have a spiritual bent of mind. Quite close to peace and harmony. Evade getting into unnecessary trounbles. Never intend to hurt the feelings of others and therefore, is famous in the group.
  • Trading is the natural vocation for you. You will earn lots of money and fame & will play in profits.
  • You are quite lazy in your life and believes in one sided relationship, where you becomes a losser and people at the next door gains.
  • Libran females do not have a well-developed immunity system. Infectious of various kinds will trouble you through out the life. Kidneys, lever and uterus are some of the weak areas for Libra born.
  • Due to very good business sense you will play in profits. Your needs will also be substantially more than ordinary females. So you will earn and spend it as well. Will be able to make some valuable assets in your life time.
  • You are of a cheerful and adjustable nature. You will dress very well and will give a lot of the heed to perfumes you use and the surroundings you are in. This makes you very attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Libra women are experts in conversation and you like to talk a lot. You can talk effectively about anything under the sun. The idea of romance in your mind includes a lot of talking.
  • You have a very strong need of company of the opposite sex. Hence, you will be prepared to be a bit out of way to get the man which pleases your eye.
  • You are full of romantic blues therefore, fail to see the real qualities initially and may repent later on.
  • Either you are a sincere lover who will marry the same guy whom you have liked too or your parents might have chosen. Or you are fun loving changeable lover-who will try to trap every male that suits your eye. As it is very difficult for males to resist you, you may have number of short affairs.
  • Your deep desire for companionship may lead in early marriage. In your home life, you will tend to be very nice and peace loving. You can create a home which is glamorous and at the same time comfortable.
  • You are tactful, thus, you wount let any inter-personnal tension in your family. You are always successful in keeping your surroundings happy and cheerful.
  • You can plan the finances of your house in such a manner that all have enough and you can save too, especially for short trips to beautiful places.
  • You spend beyond from your means on luxuries things and thus, may face financial problems later on.
    You cherish pleasure in your life, and this may also ruin you in the long run.
  • You may develop an attitude where you covet other's to go out of their ways and help you. While you are never prepared to take any pains. This can lead to problems with all whom you deal with and may cause frustration and depressions to you.
  • Lucky days are Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Sturday.
  • Lucky color is White, Red & Orange.
  • Lucky numbers are 1, 2, 4 and 7.
  • Blue Sapphire and Diamond are the lucky gemstones for you. The gem that you wear should have a vibrant aura and should never been used before. The weight of the gemstone shall be decided as per your body weight and age.

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