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The Pisces Women
And Their Characteristics
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  • Generally, Piscean women are seen to be not very tall and plumpy .

  • The eyes are quite big and protruding. Hands and feet are either strikingly beautiful or else outproportioned, big and bulky.
  • The shoulders are muscular and spherical.


  • You are philosophical, restless and honest. You can go beyond your means to help people in need.
  • Not perturbed easily, you can help even your opponents calm down by your gentle havior .Your nature is to forgive and forget.


  • Your mind is not very steady. It often wanders from spiritualism to materialism. This reduces your concentration thereby making it difficult to achieve your full potential. A Piscean woman may also lack in self confidence. However that does not deter her from being an expert planner.
  • You will aim very high and can develop right connections to achieve your aims. Generally, Piscians develop good connections that they encash at the right time.
  • You are either at the top of the ladder or else at the bottom of it.Generally, Pisceans being too ambitious either rise to very high positions or else turn into dreamers and are unable to fight the battle of life.
  • You will have a strong wish to go to foreign lands and visit beautiful places.
  • You may be drawn towards excesses that means you may be eating and drinking in excess, making you ill. You may suffer from varicose veins or guinea worms.
  • Problems connected with lever, ankles and feet are possible.You should take care of them.
  • Generous by nature and ever helping your friends, you are unable to save much.Though due to your mental capacity, which is far in excess of women of other signs, you have a high income level.
  • You will not like to depend on anyone for finances and you are wiling to do even extra work to keep your self financially secure.
  • Very romantic by nature, you dream of romance. However you may feel somewhat frustrated as the dreams seldom come true in actual life.
  • You are very suspicious, you will keep a tab on your lover and if you see him friendly with another women you feel the pinch.
  • You are loyal and once you form a relationship, yo continue it for a long time though sometimes you may feel a sudden loss of interest in your partner. Many a time, Piscean women can carry two or more relationships simultaneously.
  • Having a basically shy nature, you are not the one who will make a move yourself in love life. You will expect your lover to make all the moves and you will only react to them.
  • But,sometimes you can act completely differently. With deception , you can easily control your men with your superior brain and use them for your purposes.
  • Any foreplay involving water will turn you on, feet are your hot spots.
  • You will dream of marrying a Mr. Perfect and you will want him to have all the qualities possible in a husband. But you will not be working hard to get him. Thus, chances of delay in marriage or a marriage which will not work are not ruled out. You will require a very diplomatic and well mannered husband to stay on.
  • Piscean woman keeps good upkeep of her house. Being yourself fond of food and drinks you will stock them well for guests also.
  • For a stable married love life, you should check your dreamy nature and live in practical world.
  • Having very high desires, dreams and a changeable nature are your worst problems. You should live in the practical world and be less utopian if you want to be successful.
  • Lucky days are Thursdays, Tuesdays and Sundays
  • Lucky colors are Red, Orange and Yellow.
  • Lucky numbers are 1, 3, 4, and 9.
  • Yellow, Sapphire, Pearl and Emerald are the lucky Gemstones for you. The Gem should be of a vibrant Aura and should have never been worn before. The weight of the Gemstone shall be decided as per your age and body weight.

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