THESE ARE FOR WEEK ENDING 07/11/2004 (Monday, July 11th, 2004)

(Mar. 21 to April 19)

Your focus and the will to achieve will remain steadfast. You may receive some opportunities associated with the media or communication. Health needs special care. Try to benefit from your intelligence and experience. Let small ego matters take the backseat. This may not be a good time to take a stand and rush your near and dear ones into something impulsively. If you have ideas, keep them to yourself and let the time mature. Keep your efforts in tune with your goal. You may gain money and professional success if you can play your cards right.

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(April 20-May 20)

You must judge others from a different perspective. Work related matters may be under a cloud. It is time you gear up take charge of the situation and your own actions. Do not be swayed or persuaded by others into indecision, especially your family members. It is time to be realistic and not emotional. You must make every effort to conserve your resources. There may be more expenses than you had anticipated for. Do not waste what you receive as a blessing from destiny. There is every indication that you may find it extremely hard to manage your expenses.

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(May 21 to June 21)

You may not have a very clear head for intricate figure work now. It would be better if you could leave it for another day. Otherwise your general lifestyle will remain unchanged. No unsavory situation will disturb you. Love and romance is well indicated if you are unattached. You will be suddenly amazed by the end of the week at the speed everything will start happening in your life. If you are waiting for some news, it will be delivered to you. People looking for further education, research and intellectual activities, the week is very favorable.

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(June 22 to July 22)

It is not a normal or routine week. You may not be allowed to maintain what is only routine. You may have take certain rigid stand and work with discipline. Reconsider you recent mind-set and take life in a more balanced way. You may have a desire to cast away all those restrictions that we normally impose on ourselves as self-control. Expenses can run wild if you do. Please let your good sense prevail and avoid any friends or associates who may fan those desires even remotely. So keep your chin up and see what destiny has in store for you.

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(July 23 to Aug. 22)

You may encounter a very hectic week. Actually your mental activities will be more than the physical. You may be overconfident about some people or situation. One can never be absolutely correct even about oneself! Do give it the benefit of doubt. You need to pay special attention to your personal well-being. You may need to reassess and evaluate true friends and foes. Keep your eyes open and situations will clearly speak for themselves. Let your judgment not be clouded by emotions. Stars predict harmony and peace and trust.

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(Aug. 23 to Sept.23)

You may be the innocent victim of behind the scenes activities. You may be a careful player but as no human being is perfect, you may still fall into something that you did not bargain for. However just being in a mood to gratify your instincts and satisfy your lusts completely should not be entertained. Be careful not to over indulge in any such thing. The results could be a little too much to bear and quite fatal. A little bit of self-control can stop this. If you are attached this is the time to be careful.

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(Sept. 23 to Oct. 23)

You may be provoked by someone close to you. There may be bouts of depression to fight with. You may find over optimism to be the cause of some unrealistic venture also; failure of which seems to take your emotions through turmoil. The thought may bring a foreboding in your mind. You must have a philosophical approach and let each one face their destiny. Keep your intuition and sixth sense active so that, the people you trust do not manipulate you. A close watch on your health and minor accidents should be watched for.

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(Oct. 24 to Nov. 21)

Be good to others up to a point; just make certain you do not pass off your own inaction regarding more important factors with some lame excuse. Your own life still remains in the background. You are either pressurized into doing every other thing or you are just letting yourself kill time. You will enjoy in the company of friends and business associates. You will be steady and persistent in your work front and gain popularity and appreciation. Your superiors will have time for you and be entertained should you desire it. Make the best of the time and enjoy while you can.

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(Nov. 22 to Dec. 21)

Some important event may take place during the course of the week which will change your ideas. This may be personal and not professional. You may get a breakthrough, but do keep it to yourself until will you are absolutely sure and certain. Your associates may need your word of honor. Future has opened a new horizon for you. However, you must wait till you are sure; you may even be in the process of choosing your life partner. This will bring you to judge your past in a light that you may not feel the need to hold on to the past anymore.

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(Dec. 22 to Jan. 19)

You must adopt a philosophical approach. Enemies and obstacles are always there in life just as friends and opportunities. The trick is to by pass all obstacles and proceed towards destination. This may not be an easy task for you. Life is full of roses and thorns. Health of some elderly family member may cause you concern. Matters related to your finance may also keep you tense. It is best to stay away from all speculative activities in the week ahead. If you are looking for a change of job, you may find a suitable opening.

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(Jan. 20 to Feb. 19)

It appears as if future has opened a new horizon for you. However, you must wait till you are sure; matters may not be as rosy and easy as you perceive. Matters related to your finance may become misguided due to your over optimism and let you down at the last moment. It is important that you keep your focus in place and attend to your duties without any exceptional high and low. This will bring you to judge your future in a light that you may not feel the need to hold on to the past anymore. There is always a good result for sincere effort.
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( Feb. 20 to Mar. 20)

Your mind and body need some breathing space. You must not become be a victim of indecision. Each and every relationship may come under a cloud for this reason. This condition may be due to a prolonged period of tension and work pressure. Your week will not be uneventful. You may have to be in a form to be able to take a few snap decisions. Your mental state of mind may not be up to it. You may feel the need to share you thoughts with someone you love and trust. Relax and voice this need. Health matters should be under control and light physical exercise will keep your mind free from depression.

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These Horoscopes are caste for "general types". This may not apply for all as many other factors may affect.

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