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The Sagitarrius Women
And Their Characteristics
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  • You are tall,fair complexioned and are blessed with a beautiful figure.

  • The forehead is large, nose is long and the eyebrows are high & bushy.
  • Eyes are bright and alert as a sparrow's . You can prove to be a good model or an actress.


  • You are coverageous, ambitious and full of drive . You are able to push forward your interests.
  • You will not be cowed down by the circumstances and are well capable of holding on to your ground even in most adverse circumstances.


  • You take a decision only after studying any problem deeply.
  • A Sagi woman tends to look at the brighter side of the things and possesses good amount of self-confidence.
  • She mostly acts as per her desire and is not much concerned about the results. She also has the habit of speaking as she wants to without thinking of the impact it can have on others.
  • Friendship comes easily to a Sagi woman . She can develop it in a moment and maintain it for a long period of time. You believe in fairplay & justice and often fight for wronged people.
  • You will work to attain new knowledge and like to pursue higher education. You like to travel and shall go on long and short journeys a number of times in your life. You will also be able to attain your goals fast but after that you tend to waste lot of your energy.
  • Even after having a fair degree of success in her life, The Sagi woman does not feel satisfied and something deep within them does not let her rest.
  • You generally have good health and vigour. However there may be various problems related with stress.
  • As Sagittarious sign governs the hips, thighs and the loins , you can face problems connected with this region. Fractures, pains in joints and swellings in this region are also not ruled out.
  • You will generally start your career in some kind of service but due to your nature that does not let you be a subordinate for long , you will move over to self employment quite soon.
  • A Sagi woman makes good money and property in your lifetime and shall be considered a successful and wealthy person.
  • You have a great desire to be in romantic setting, but you do not let your partner understand this. He will not be able to quite figure out your romantic nature as your outer crust is very cool.
  • In addition to this you say certain things out of your honest nature which will dampen your lover's desire. This may lead to lots of crying though no one will understand you even then. But still, due to your glamour and beauty many men will be interested in you and you shall have a fair share of men.
  • The catch here is : that if you learn over the years on 'how to handle men' - then you can have a love life which will make any woman jealous of you. You can easily win over any man and infact tame him.
  • Once he understands your sincere and honest nature he will be glued to you for a life time.
  • You will have a great sex life and shall want more of it all the time. You will prefer outdoor settings.
  • Thighs and upper leg are your hotspots.
  • Too many proposals, is a problem for you. Selecting the right man from out of those is even more difficult.
  • The Sagittarian women are best of the home-makers and they decorate it with a great taste. They keep their men also in good shape and drive them to be more and more successful in work.
  • You can handle the affairs of the house well though the daily jobs look quite boring to you.
  • You have a great caring nature and you are loyal to your husband and shall stand by him in all the problems of life. You can be a big support for him in tough times. But, as you are not known to express your feelings eloquently , your honesty may sometimes be misunderstood.
  • You do not have the gift of gab as a result you may often end up putting your foot in the mouth. Be cautius in this regard.Try to understand the world better. Think how the other person will react before you speak. This will save you from many problems.
  • Lucky days are Thursday, Wednesday and Sunday
  • Lucky colors are Yellow, Green and light Blue.
  • Lucky numbers are 3, 5, 6, & 8.
  • You should wear a yellow Sapphire along with an Emerald. The gemstones should be of vibrant aura and should never have been worn before. The body weight and age.

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