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The Leo Women
And Their Characteristics
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  • You possess an imposing persona and have a royal air around you.

  • Well developed bones, broad shoulders, tall, well-built and muscular body characterize a Leo woman.
  • Well developed bones, broad shoulders, tall, well-built and muscular body characterize a Leo woman. Your stature is full and you look majestic and dignified.


  • You are ambitious and commanding. You will like to be in positions where people look towards you for guidance and direction. A Leo woman has sufficient mental and emotional strength to don the mantle of a leader.
  • You tend to perform better in a stressful situation more than in daily routine.
  • A Leo woman is mentally very agile and has a very good grasp of the things. However she also has the tendency to while most of her time in pursuing activities of leisure and recreation.
  • One of the negative things about you is your inability to work steadily for a long period of time.


  • Women born in Leo sign normally have a a royal nature. Activities like taking side of the weak, giving donations etc. come naturally to you. With a good capacity to organize & manage , you can manage organizations very effectively.
  • You are very sure of yourself and are able to mingle with all people, high and low alike.
  • Refined tastes are generally found in your type and you are keenly interested in dance, music and poetry.
  • On the flip side - you are a quite a slave of flattery and people can misuse this weakness of yours to get the result that they desire from you.
  • Sometimes you also become difficult to get along with. You want every thing to go your way and you fail to see that other human beings also exist and they too can have a desire or say in any subject.
  • Your health problems are related to heart, the spinal column and bones. You should take care by way of proper food and regular exercise.
  • You should take very long walks and do a lot of physical work to ward off the stress from your body.
  • Your health problems also stem from a view that everything should run according to your wish and when it fails to happen you get irritable and majorly stressed.
  • You tend to gradually more over to areas that provide high income and social respect . Money wise, you should be quite well-off.
  • A leo woman has generous nature and gives away money to any one who is able to get her sympathy.
  • Showing off is also a negative trait which leads you to overspend and waste your money.
  • You are fiery and passionate. You will attract men but will not allow them to come very close to you - because you feel your royal status can be compromised by that. You know well how to handle men and even the worst of them will behave properly in your audience.
  • Center of your back is your hotspot.
  • You are very true and faithful to your husband and will try to improve your house by all possible means. If your husband can understand you well and have faith in you, your married life will be very good.
  • You will go out of your way to do the extra bit to improve the house and care for your husband. You will not mind the extra effort or the pain you may have to incur. But if your husband is not understanding and supportive , the marriage will definitely face rough weather and you may move out of it.
  • It is rightly said that 'flattery is a food of fools'. You should not be carried away with it. One thing you should remember that one who flatters you has some aim in mind for which he or she wants to use you. You should instead be open to creative criticism.
  • Lucky days are Sunday and Tuesday.
  • Lucky colors are red, orange and green.
  • Lucky numbers are 1, 4, 5, 9 and 6 
  • Ruby and Emerald are your Gemstones. The Gems should be of vibrant Aura and should not have been worn before. The weight can be decided as per your body weight and age.

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