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The Vigro men
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And Their Characteristics

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  • Face: You have a high forehead, your Cranium may seem too big in comparison with the face
  • Eyes and nose: Your eyelids are often veiled ,Your nose is straight
  • Hair: You have a high hairline
  • Body: Your body is upright and has a straight body and may be quite tall


  • You are Sympathetic and of humane and helpful.
  • You have a tendency to be a hypochondriac, witty,nervous and worried.
  • However you are emotionally warm but undemonstrative.


  • You are practical and unsentimental.
  • You like spending time at work and instinctively have a love of work.
  • You will be devoted to serving those less fortunate than yourself.
  • You will be relaxed by working a little less hard than usual .
  • You take responsibilities seriously.
  • You are subtle and rarely obvious about your intentions.
  • You are good at your memory you can notice and remember details
  • Typical Virgos are healthy although, if you are very worried or unhappy, you may succumb to the Virgoan tendency toward hypochondria.
  • Diseases most usually associated with you are disturbances of the lymph system, or the digestive system such as appendicitis, malnutrition, diarrhea, indigestion,hernia, etc.
  • When you are sick, you will needs to have a little fuss made while being encouraged to get well.
  • You are good in service work and research, rather than manufacturing.
  • You will become an excellent assistant to the boss.
  • You will have the most up-to-date equipments and paid well as you are courteous, reliable, thorough, quick-thinking, analytical, and intelligent .
  • You really look for quality and are frightened by overt romance .
  • You will chose to wait years for the right partner.
  • When you are once in love, loves warmly and steadily you are devoted to the loved one.
  • You will rarely give cause for any jealousy and will do anything to avoid breaking up.
  • When a typical Virgo makes love it is a pure-minded, natural, healthy act. Virgo only enjoys sex when it is with someone who has gained Virgo's confidence.
  • A Virgo who has not had his or her fragile sense of self undermined in youth will enjoy sex. The bedside library may include informative books on sex, because as a Virgos you like to understand the finer details.
  • You are often in nervous worriers, and a friend who in some way feeds the worries will reduce Virgo to a nervous heap.
  • Most Virgos find it almost impossible to admit they are occasionally wrong, so take take time to think that you may be wrong too.
  • Colors: yellow-green, brown, cream
  • Plants: narcissus, vervain, herbs
  • Perfume: narcissus
  • Gemstones: peridot, opal, agate
  • Metal: mercury
  • Tarot Card: the hermit
  • Animals: bat, porcupine, mink

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