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The Taurus men
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And Their Characteristics

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  • Body: Body compact and sturdy, often with thick, muscular legs and thighs has very clear skin.
  • Face: Face rounded with a clear, often beautiful complexion.
  • Eyes: Eyes are usually large and offer a steady gaze.


  • You greatly enjoy comfort and fab. life.
  • You are dresses to create an image of respectability.
  • You use influential connections to get what you want.
  • You are unpretentious.


  • You are generous and hospitable.You are active and caring towards others and authoratative and tend to find a easy way out.
  • You usually hold on to some thing weather its your thinking or a person and situations for a longer time.
  • You open and honest,tend towards the philosophical and tend to hold great idealisms about how things should be.
  • You are born leader like the lion you are named after, with charisma, enthusiasm and determination.
  • You are good at defusing the crisis situation and do just fine and well under pressure situations.
  • Because of your creative nature, you tend to not stick with the boring and mundane, and look for excitement in life.
  • Typical Taureans are robust people. So you may suffer from being a little overweight, but on the whole Taurus is healthy, provided nothing comes along to disturb the status quo. A Taurus who has an unsatisfactory sex life will be rather like a bull with a sore head... irritable and prone to grunting and grumbling.So the greatest danger for you comes from the ability to hold back anger and to stubbornly hold on to a redundant point of view. That can lead to melancholy and medical depression.
  • You will work steadily toward achieving what you value the most.
  • You cannot bear interference.
  • You have great respect for institutions and require work that gives respectability.
  • You need a regular salary.
  • You are excellent person to handle money, honest and dependable.
  • You will find working yourself in a working where the palce must be calm and well-ordered.
  • You can be associated with banking, farming, floristry, interior design, architecture, food, engineering, construction, general medical practice, executive secretarial positions, stable occupations in established institutions, and any occupation that involves the shrewd acquisition of land, investments, or goods.
  • You are devoted and steadfast and you will settles quickly into a stable affair.
  • You love glamour and are extremely vulnerable to people who accept your affection but only want a flirtation.
  • You will never forgive a betrayal.
  • You want your woman to be very feminine.
  • You want a promise to be kept and never broken.
  • You will regard nudity as natural and wholesome.
  • You can be very jealous of any attention given to someone else.
  • You donot like signs of weakness, physical or emotional, and can be quite direct about you.
  • Colors:pastel shades and blues
  • Plant: mallow
  • Perfume:storax
  • Gemstone:topaz
  • Metal:copper
  • Tarot Card: hierophant (High Priest)
  • Animal: bullmink

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