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The Scorpio men
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And Their Characteristics

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  • Face:broad face with wide forehead and thick neck
  • Body: strongly built body of middle stature


  • You are Self-critical but Self-destructive.
  • You atre Protective but drive yourself Jealous.


  • You are never self-effacing.
  • You are possessive of what he believes belongs to you.
  • You want to maintain your dignity.
  • You are a law unto yourself and is most courageous in adversity.
  • You will give absolute honest advice, appraisal, or compliments.
  • As a Typical Scorpios, you are rarely sick. When you do become ill it is generally serious, but you have the willpower to get well.
  • You will demand total loyalty.
  • You will do anything to help someone you like.
  • You will solve even the most difficult problems.
  • You enjoy solving mysteries and penetrating the secrets of life.
  • You love to get to the heart of any problem, human or mechanical.
    You may be detectives, pathologists, surgeons, scientists, researchers, undertakers, sewage workers, insurers, market analysts, butchers, members of the armed services, or pharmacists.
  • Any occupation which you feel is important and offers the opportunity to investigate and analyze complex problems will satisfy them. Scorpios can run a big business or a small enterprise as long as they feel that they are achieving something.
  • You are deeply attached to the loved one.
  • You attracts the loved one like a magnet.
  • You are possessive and hide emotions in public.
  • You are faithful when in love.
  • As a typical Scorpio makes love,for you it is an expression of all the pent-up passion that is hidden inside this most magnetic of personalities. Sex is an important element of life to you.
  • Indeed, Scorpio is the zodiac sign that indicates the greatest interest in sexual matters and you do have great interest in sex.
  • You have an almost psychic insight into the motives and secrets of their friends. Anyone who dislikes someone knowing their secrets should stay away from you.So make clear about the secrets you know.
  • Colors: deep red, blue-green
  • Plants: cactus, ivy, oak
  • Perfume: Siamese benzoin
  • Gemstones: turquoise, ruby
  • Metals: iron, steel
  • Tarot Card: Death (regeneration)
  • Animals: wolf, gray lizard

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