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The Pisces men
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And Their Characteristics

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  • Body: usually short and thinkset
  • Back: may stoop as the person walks
  • Eyes: a sleepy appearance with large eyebrows
  • Head: oddly shaped
  • Limbs: generally short


  • You have few prejudices.
  • You are not ambitious for status, fame, or fortune, although he can make good use of opportunities if they come your way.
    You are very romantic.
  • You cannot easily be fooled.


  • You have few material needs, but need your dreams.
  • You talk slowly and is knowledgeable on many subjects.
  • You are rarely jealous, but gets hurt all the same.
  • You are emotionally involved in whatever you do, although you may never show it.
  • Typical Pisces are healthy people so long as they feel loved and have an outlet for their dreams. Unhappy Pisces are vulnerable to problems arising from turning to drink, drugs, or other ways of getting relief from what may seem unbearable emotional insecurities.
  • You are more likely to be found in organizations as a director rather than as the boss.
  • You will serve people rather than accumulate power.
  • You are a shrewd judge of character.
  • You may act tough to hide a deep belief in the mystical.
  • All kinds of jobs in film, theater, TV, radio, ballet, music, and art will attract Pisces, who is often a good actor. A job that allows travel will be attractive. Advertising, public relations, and any job that is part of the service industry. Helping people to solve their problems and charitable and church work will also be very attractive to You.
  • You are always romantic.
  • You eager to please.
  • You adapt to the demands of the relationship.
  • You appear to be helpless, delicate, and vulnerable, but being loved enables you to cope very well with a range of difficulties, problems, and tragedies.
  • You are emotionally involved, to the point of not recognizing when you are being deceived or treated badly.
  • You can be a confusing person, so arrangements may be difficult to make.
  • You can sometimes seem to be cool and offhand. This is usually temporary and due to a moment of insecurity.
  • Colors: violet, light green, blue
  • Plants: opium poppy, lotus, water plants
  • Perfume: ambergri
  • Gemstones: pearl, amethyst, beryl, aquamarine
  • Metal: tin
  • Tarot Card: the Moon
  • Animals: fish, dolphin

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