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The Leo men
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And Their Characteristics

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  • Body: You are likely to be slim and graceful in movement
  • Hair: You have a long or short, bushy and curly or straight -- a feature of pride which you liketo emphasize by stroking, running their fingers through their locks, or playing with a curl.
  • Face:You have a oval face with large eyes.
  • Voice: You have a strong voice.


  • You are exuberant and extrovert u will like to enjoy outside.
  • You will want to take center-stage in whatever arena you are in rather to take the lime light of the stage.
  • You are determined, stubborn loyal and most of the time your thinking is traditional.
  • You always want to be the important one and this what rules your life.


  • You are generous and hospitable.You are active and caring towards others and authoratative and tend to find a easy way out.
  • You usually hold on to some thing weather its your thinking or a person and situations for a longer time.
  • You open and honest,tend towards the philosophical and tend to hold great idealisms about how things should be.
  • You are born leader like the lion you are named after, with charisma, enthusiasm and determination.
  • You are good at defusing the crisis situation and do just fine and well under pressure situations.
  • Because of your creative nature, you tend to not stick with the boring and mundane, and look for excitement in life.
  • Your health problems are related to heart, the spinal column and bones. You should take care by way of proper food and regular exercise.
  • You should take very long walks and do a lot of physical work to ward off the stress from your body.
  • Your health problems also stem from a view that everything should run according to your wish and when it fails to happen you get irritable and majorly stressed.
  • You often enjoy working with children, and many become teachers whose students serve as their captive audience. There is often a talent for investing, finance, and money management that can lead to success in banking, the stock market, or big business.
  • You are often lover of the finer things in life, you just want to make things keep on going better and better.
  • You are associated with gold,jewelry, fashion, luxury items and adornment.
  • Leo's ruler, the Sun, is the giver of life, and some born under this sign gravitate toward the healing and helping professions as physicians, dental hygienists,
    counselors, psychiatrists, cardiologists, politicians and in public relations.
  • Typically Loe men mejoy the game of romance and are romantic.
  • Your love and adorance towards beauty can drive your movements from one lover to the other.
  • You are sexually sensitive and highty attracted to the partners of your choosing.
  • However sometimes you will find yourself only loyal to yourself or only to the relationship benifits to you.
  • The downside to a Leo is usually their pride.Due to this, you are sometimes prone to being conceited, jealous, snobbish, boastful, overbearing with a disdain for those under them.
  • Due to your positive nature and believe that everything's gonna go allright and things go different you may get deeply hurt and react nasty.
  • Since you are much confident in real toff situations think carefully because your confidence leads you into much more trouble.
  • Colors:Yellow and Orange
  • Plants:Sunflower and Laurel
  • Perfume: Olibanum
  • Gemstones: Cat's eye and Olivine
  • Metal: Gold
  • Tarot Card: Fortitude
  • Animal:Lion

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