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The Sagittarius men
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And Their Characteristics

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  • You can be likened to a lively horse and often has a mane of hair that falls over the forehead and have to be tossed away. In later life, as a Sagittarius you may become bald, yet still retain a youthful look.
  • You are physically noticeable because of his strong sense of confidence.
  • You will retain your physical faculties to a very old age.


  • You are a risk taker.
  • You says exactly what is on your mind.
  • You enjoy physical danger.
  • You can tell really funny jokes, but often fluffs the punch line -- which makes the joke even funnier.
  • You may be tactless but are never deliberately cruel.
  • You likes learning, study, and creative interpretation.


  • You have an unerringly accurate wit.
    You have a good memory for facts, but often forget where you have left everyday objects such as keys.
  • You are trusting until let down.
  • As a typical Sagittarians you are healthy, energetic, and able to keep going in adversity.
  • You hate to be confined to bed, unless it is to dream a little; any kind of routine will tax the Sagittarian optimism. However, your positive outlook helps you to overcome illnesses quickly and keeps you going if serious illness strikes.
  • You need a challenge, so even in the dullest, most routine job, you will seek challenges.
  • You are versatile and need to do several things at once.
  • You may have two jobs and can have.
  • You needs intellectual and physical exercise.
  • You get tired only when bored.
  • Anything in sales or promotion that involves travel and knowledge of foreign languages; anything that allows you to perform; and any career that involves learning and the use of the intellect such as teacher, lawyer, or writer.
  • You enjoy love on the move in foreign places.
  • You are inventive and need good intellectual compatibility.
  • You are totally honest with the loved one.
  • You enjoy the physical pleasures of love.
  • As a typical Sagittarius you will regard sex as another adventure to be enjoyed and explored. Sagittarians tend to take a chance on love, and they enter a relationship with the same recklessness that they display in their activities.
  • Close friendship with just one or two people is not the your norm. In fact, anyone who tries to get too familiar with or who takes advantage of the you natural friendliness, may be struck by the fiery rocket of your temper.
  • You can be eccentric and may find it difficult to keep a secret.But must keep some.
  • Colors: blue, royal blue, purple, white
  • Plants: rush, oak, fig, hyssop
  • Perfume: lignaloes
  • Gemstones: jacinth, lapis lazuli
  • Metal: tin
  • Tarot Card: temperance
  • Animals: horse, dog

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