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The Gimini men
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And Their Characteristics

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  • Body: You are likely to be slim and graceful in movement and your chin of is usually well proportioned with a pointed jawline.
  • Hair: Being a Gemini native you usually have fine-textured hair.
  • Face:You have a childish facial expression accompanied with a sweet smile.Your eyes are usually light colored with dark lashes.


  • During the most intimate situation, you will like to offer wit and laughter.
  • Matters related to heart are dealt in the liveliest manner so you will find yourself in liveliest manners.
  • You will have fast thininkings and have many friends.


  • You are of a good nature and you will be liked for your nature by most of your friends.
  • You are broad minded and are think really braod in relationships.
  • You are not much gentle but people will find you gentle and general.
  • You are very friend by which you will have a lot of friends.
  • You are joyful and flexible as well as radiant.
  • Being a gemini man you have fast metabolism means you can burn calories faster than other signs.
  • You enjoy new things and will embrace a new diet and exercise plan with enthusiasm evey time.
  • Unlike others, You can do two things at once ! Following a weight loss diet and exercise plan at the same time as pursuing a high-flying career is not a problem for you.
  • Considering your sign you can talk twice as much and think really fast so work on ideas to be considered the idea factory at any firm.
  • Geminis work well as an intermediary or go-between, since they love to talk.So If someone needs access, a you are bound to provide it, as contacts are your stock in trade.
  • Teaching colleagues is always a way fun for you , as is sharing the wealth of information in their heads and creating harmony all around.
  • You as an individuals are quite intelligent and love freedom.
  • If you are looking for a long-term relationship then your partner must try to keep you busy and completely involved in your relationship.
  • You will look out for partner who makes you keep guessing.
  • While talking about love and understanding, unlike Gemini females you are considered not much complex.
  • You are considered to be unreliabile in relationships so your patner may change so try being not fickle and insincere.
  • You are self centered and restlessness so you should develop patience.
  • You are short tempered and critical so avoid messing up in small quarrels.
  • Lucky Number: 5
  • Lucky Color: Yellow
  • Lucky Flower: Lily
  • Lucky Day: Wednesday
  • Lucky Gemstones: Jade, Aquamarine and Topaz
  • Lucky Metal: QuickSilver

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