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Both are good lovers but their married life is not much successful as they have lot of differences between them. Taurus is patient, reliable, loving and warmhearted while Aries is energetic, confident, short-tempered and impatient. Both are jealous and selfish. Problems arise when Taurus is a bit cautious in spending money with Aries who is a spendthrift. Aries is not fixed to his decisions but Taurus hates making change in decisions from time to time.

Earth meets Earth. This can be very peaceful and a stable union. It has a slow starting but afterwards both will go out of their way to help, love and support each other. But if a disagreement occurs, the relationship can fall prey to excessive stubbornness. Both are loving, reliable, hardworking, determined and persistent.

These signs of Earth and Air are completely alike in temperament and behaviour. While Taurus is unemotional, fixed and very dependable, Gemini is flighty, restless, indecisive and vacillating. They can make an interesting pair if they value each other's approach. Taurus expects more from Gemini and is very lazy in comparison to Gemini.

Earth and Water signs make a wonderful combination. Both depend upon each other; are sentimental and packed with intensity. Taurus is often affected by the Cancerian's mood. But sometimes carelessness by any one of them may badly affect their relationship. But still similar interests, behaviour, home-lovingness, social attitude, ambition and energy makes them a successful pair.
It's a strong relationship where Taurus demands appreciation and Leo needs worship and adulation but neither one gets what they demand from each other. Leo is enthusiastic, affectionate, pompous, faithful and intolerant and Taurus is placid, confident, warm-hearted, patient and selfish. Both are self-centered, jealous and ambitious. Their relationship takes a way to successful path only when one of the two is ready to back down.
This is the best match for success as they have a lot in common. Both are considered as best friends and lovers. Love is at first sight in this case. Both Earth signs are practical and material-minded, love to work hard, and are careful and marvelously faithful. They make a wonderful team together. Both are affectionate, patient, warm-hearted, determined, reliable and intelligent. Their commonness makes them one of the best couples.
The combination of Earth and Air sign makes a perfect balance. Venus rules both signs. Libra's fickleness and Taurus possessiveness can lead to a breakup but steady Taurus balances Libra's indecisiveness. Both have strong desires to buy good things; are sensitive and easy-going. But the romantic relationship between them has a less age. Libra is diplomatic and charming and Taurus is intelligent and patient.
Both are considered to be the opposite signs but their relationship is rewarding when there is adjustment and tolerance between them. Both are determined, ambitious, jealous and selfish. They are passionate when they meet, but the spirit fizzles afterwards. Scorpio is placid and reliable; Taurus is emotional and passionate. Both need something from the other which one of them is lacking. And this gives rise to a longer successful relationship.
Their relationship is difficult but can work only if Taurus becomes strong and can hold Sagittarius tightly. Taurus is serious, loving and patient and Sagittarius is jovial, honest and straightforward. Sagittarius wants to dominate over others and lives an easy and funny life therefore their relationship is funny, jovial and full of quarrels. The more differences between them lead them to a healthy relationship but it works only when Sagittarius gets full freedom to work on.
Similarities in Taurus and Capricorn make them a good pair and thus offer a better relationship. Both are practical, careful, patient, ambitious, hard working, straightforward and have same goals in life. They have a lot in common including each and every aspect of life. Capricorn's loyalty makes Taurus feel more secure. Both mates provide eternal support to each other.
Earth and Air sign does not make a good match as both are of confronting nature. Taurus is patient, conservative, loving, careful and placid; Aquarius is friendly, innovative, independent, loyal and intellectual. It's difficult for Taurus to bind Aquarius at home. Taurus looks for security and Aquarius for openness in a relationship. Aquarius appreciates the stability of Taurus and Taurus appreciates his openness.
There lies a sweet and happy union between the two different signs. Taurus is patient, loving, selfish and jealous while Pisces is sensitive, imaginative, selfless and secretive. Passionate Taurus and sensual Pisces make a good combination. The relationship works well only when Pisces is not dominated by Taurus. Hardworking Taurus set a good example for the lazy Pisces.

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