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Both are surprisingly well suited to each other as one is dominant over the other. Aries easily dominate over the Piscean as the latter likes someone to lead on them. Aries are selfish, bold and impatient, on the other hand Pisces are selfless, shy and secretive. Piscean's imagination and intuition helps Aries to innovate new ideas and experiments. The relationship leads to success as Aries is attracted by Piscean's sensitive nature and Piscean feels no obstruction to be in the second place.

There lies a sweet and happy union between the two different signs. Taurus is patient, loving, selfish and jealous while Pisces is sensitive, imaginative, selfless and secretive. Passionate Taurus and sensual Pisces make a good combination. The relationship works well only when Pisces is not dominated by Taurus. Hardworking Taurus set a good example for the lazy Pisces.

Behaviour of these two signs is completely opposite but they can make a good pair either one is ready to change his behaviour and make an adjustment. Gemini is joyful, lively, communicative, cunning and versatile; Pisces is sensitive, emotional, imaginative, selfless and secretive. Gemini lively nature and intellect impress Pisces and in the same way Pisces selfless and sympathetic attitude wins Gemini.

A couple which when binds together can make their dreams turn into reality. Both are sensitive, emotional, affectionate and deeply attached to each other. Strong emotions can either make this relationship much successful and caring or may destroy it. Both are romantic, cherish home and friends and need to love and be loved. They had frequent quarrels but of a short period.
Firey Leo and Watery Pisces Had an ability to learn from each other. They are quite different from each other starting from their personality to their behaviour. Both believes in giving rather than taking for themselves. Leo extrovert nature clashes with Piscean unwordly attitude. Piscean sensitiveness often stand as a obstacle in the way of active Leo. The relationship surprisingly goes well as one gets adjusted with other.
Virgo is opposite sign of Pisces but both can complement each other. They see things with different eyes, each will always be mystery to the other. Virgo is motivated by reason, analysis, facts and logic. Pisces is guided by feelings, emotions, intiution and that strange ability to sense what is what. Virgo brings method to Pisces madness, romance, Imagination . Pisce can add a touch of intangible magic to Virgo's life.
Although Libra is affectionate and of Pisces of a different nature, yet there can be an affinity because both appreciates beauty, entertainment, arts, harmony, love, affection, gentleness and the magic of romance. Libra will help Pisces in moments of confusion, indecision and to be impartial.
The relation is magnetic in attraction, will generate an intensely emotional relationship. Scorpio dominates over others, Pisces, outwardly submissive, deviously manoeuvres. Pisces can soothe the in attention, compelling desires and compulsive yearning within Scorpio. Each intuitively senses the others mood ,needs, fears and faults. When things go wrong an overabundance of emotion will cloud the issue and settlements.
These relation are full of complexities and presents multitude of possibilities. Some compatibility will be found in mutual appreciation, religion, mysticism, travels , charitable causes or other lofty ideas. Pisces's vivid imagination probably will conjure up the worst picture when Sagittarius feels the need to be independent. Inspite of good qualities, a Sagittarius lacks the softness and tender loving care essential for Pisces. The puiscean tendency to be indecisive, impractical and disorganised may exasperate Sagittarius who is basically active, impulsive and positive and like to get thiongs done quickly and efficiently.
These signs complement each other. Pisces finds it easy amalgamate and can adopt to people and situation which are safe and secure. Capricorn is a epitone of safety and security. Pisces is intensely sensitive, emotional, romantic and sentimental, so may feel sad or hurt when Capricorn hides his/her true feelings. Pisces is not one with aggressively competitive signs, so offers no apparent threat to Capricorn's ambitious and long range plans to clim,b the ladder of success.Capricorn's sense of management and excellent practical abilities will help to shelter the sensitive Pisces from some of the harsh realities of life.
An unusual combination. Both are different from most people and feel sometimes a misfit except with other Aquarians and Piscens. There will be at least two sides to the combination, firstly , the superficial layers of association appear to be quite ordinary and normal ; secondly the unseen, hidden interplay of psychological forces make an obscure and highly complex relationships.
In this relationship feelings, emotions, intutions, day dream are in the fore and take precedence over logical and rational analysis. Each has his own private and secret world, senses things about people. Both can become muddled, disorganised indecisive and in a dither, so there will be periods when time is wasted and confusion reigns in practical matters. Because they are so emotional and sentimental they cry when happy or sad.

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