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It's considered a perfect and great match since they have lot in common. Both are optimistic, jovial, straightforward, confident, intellectual, social, energetic and have good sense of humour. This combination has a smooth friendly relationship rather than a love affair. The cracks between their relationship are for a little while as both are frank and straightforward but once again they are best friends. Aries adjusts well with Sagittarius. Both have a good sense of humour and therefore they enjoy each other's company by having lots of fun and pleasure.

Similarities in Taurus and Capricorn make them a good pair and thus offer a better relationship. Both are practical, careful, patient, ambitious, hard working, straightforward and have same goals in life. They have a lot in common including each and every aspect of life. Capricorn's loyalty makes Taurus feel more secure. Both mates provide eternal support to each other.


Gemini is versatile, communicative, witty, lively and intellectual; Capricorn is practical, ambitious, patient, reserved and careful. Relationship between them may be successful or may not be. One can't say anything about it. Each one is benefited from the other one. Capricorn provides stability to Gemini and Gemini gives encouragement to Capricorn. Capricorn's disciplined behaviour keeps Gemini tied down.Their relationship is not considered as a long-term association as Cancer needs security and constancy while Gemini loves freedom and flirtations. Gemini sharp tongue hits Cancer's ego and at the same time Cancer moodiness becomes too much for Gemini to cope up with. Emotions and feelings drive Cancer and Gemini hates being sensitive. The couples can be together only when there is good understanding between them.

Zodiac opposite signs, which are like two sides of a single coin, can make a wonderful match only by overcoming their opposites in temperament. Both demands similar things from each other and this can work only when one is going to accept the other completely as they are. Cancer's shy and sensitive nature is different from Capricorn's aloof and career-oriented one. Cancer wishes for Capricorn's success and Capricorn has the ability to make Cancer's dream come true.
Both partners are selfish and self-centred and wants to follow their own path. Lots of effort is necessary to make this relationship better. Capricorn is much careful when spending money but Leo is careless. Capricorn can't provide the affection and love demanded by romantic Leo. Both are almost opposite to each other and their relationship can work only when there is some willingness in them.
They both appreciate the practical side of life and work. Both are conscientious, with a strong sense of duty and responsibility both are well matched for business and practical matters but there could be a lack of feelings, warm emotions and a romantic sparkle. capricorn admires the systematic, methodical, self-contained and logical ways..
Cannot easily combine as there should be some common purpose or destiny to form long term association. Capricorns are not demonstrative and do not openly indicate warmth of love and affection which libra needs. Libra enjoys ease, luxury and self indulgence.Capricorn takes life seriously, shoulders responsibility and can cope with austerity much better than Libra. Capricorn should remember that sharing love, affection and beautiful things is as vital to Lobra as food and water.
Neither of them expects life to be an easy road full of fun and games. Both can be dedicated, determined and hard working. In serious and practical matters, they make a good team if their goals are the same. When conflict arises, they can be dedly enemies. Since nither of them readily gives up, serious rifts will not be easily or quickly resolved between the two.
There is a marked contrast in this relation. Independent, freedom-loving Sagittarius will not take kindly to being repressed or restricted by Capricorn, who in-turn, will not understand Sagittarian's inner longings, high ideals and impossible dreams. If they can bridge the gap and achieve a happy relationship, each will certainly benifit in the long term.

This combination multiplies a Capriconian'scautious, conservative, realistic approach to life. With a common goal, their ambition and perservance will ensure success. However, if one tries to use the other for selfish ends, it can lead to much bitterness and resentment. Outsiders who are more adventurous and relaxed are likely to find this duo too serious and formal.

The relationship will be subject to changes of moods, routine and attributes. Many personal readjustment will have to be made on both sides although these may not be easy to achieve because Aquarius is independent and stubborn about personal ideas while Capricorn can never fathom why Aquarius sometimes becomes unpredictable and capricious. This behaviour undermines Capricorn desire for stability and security.

These signs complement each other. Pisces finds it easy amalgamate and can adopt to people and situation which are safe and secure. Capricorn is a epitone of safety and security. Pisces is intensely sensitive, emotional, romantic and sentimental, so may feel sad or hurt when Capricorn hides his/her true feelings. Pisces is not one with aggressively competitive signs, so offers no apparent threat to Capricorn's ambitious and long range plans to clim,b the ladder of success.Capricorn's sense of management and excellent practical abilities will help to shelter the sensitive Pisces from some of the harsh realities of life.

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