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Combination of two moody people makes it a difficult match, as one is unable to counteract with other. The battles and fights between them begin as a fire and slowly settles down. Aries sharp tongue sometimes hurts Cancer strongly. Cancer's sensitive and secretive nature has the potential of clashing with the openness of Aries. Good communication may bring a change in their relationship.

Loving, affectionate, passionate, moneymakers, feeling of security --- are some of the qualities, which are common in both of these, sun signs. One's demand is fulfilled by the other. Cancer appreciates Taurus homely-nature and Cancer's caring attitude wins the heart of possessive Taurus. This makes a good match as both get each other's firm support.

This is a hard match as one is quite opposite to other. Home-loving Cancer finds it difficult to adjust with the club-loving Gemini. At the same time, Cancerean moodiness may become too much for Gemini to cope with. Cancer accepts things as it is but Gemini wants change. The relationship can only work, when both are ready to accept each other as they are and can change little bit themselves.

Stable and successful relationships as both are each other's image. They have a lot in common and this makes them understand each other well. Too sensitive, too demanding, too dependent - are some of the qualities common in both of them. Love between them is much stronger as they understand each other's needs, moods and wishes.
Successful and well-balanced relationships as both appreciate each other's positive traits. Cancer admires and flatters proud Leo to make him feel happy and in return Leo gives strong emotional support to the Cancerean. Cancer often gets well adjusted with the extrovert and openhearted Leo.
Affectionate and comfortable relationship exists between this couple but sometimes communication stands as a problem between both of them. Cancer is shy, sentimental and secretive; Virgo is extrovert, fun loving and analytical. Both neatly complement each other in their own way and their nature and attitudes are well balanced with each other.
A combination of water and air sign makes it a hard match and a difficult relationship, as both are in some way different to other. Libra loves to be out for parties but Cancer wants to be at home. Airy Libra is not at all concerned with Cancer's mood and Cancer is very possessive and feels insecure for Libra. Cancer appreciates Libra's considerate and loving nature and Libra appreciates Cancer's loyalty and generosity.
Secured and lovely combination of these two mates as they have a great intimacy and depth in their relationship. The loyal Cancer admires Scorpio's strength and Scorpio feels secure with Cancer's possessive attitude. These two water signs are ruled by emotions and can be proved as good ideal marriage partners. Scorpio tactfully wins the heart of Cancer who is shy, introvert and silent.
Water and Fire sign have a lot of differences in their nature and behaviour, which makes a relationship difficult to go on. Cancer doesn't get the security, which he demands from the outgoing Sagittarius and Sagittarius feels uneasy in the company of this home loving, and introvert Cancer. Both are generous people and their relationship can be made fruitful by strong determination only.
Zodiac opposite signs, which are like two sides of a single coin, can make a wonderful match only by overcoming their opposites in temperament. Both demands similar things from each other and this can work only when one is going to accept the other completely as they are. Cancer's shy and sensitive nature is different from Capricorn's aloof and career-oriented one. Cancer wishes for Capricorn's success and Capricorn has the ability to make Cancer's dream come true.
Cancer is warm, conservative and sensitive; Aquarius is cool, social and extrovert. Cancer easily gets hurt by Aquarius caustic humour and hates his sharing attitude. Aquarius is seduced by the Cancer's sensuality and sensitivity. The relationship works well only after the differences between them have been overcome.
A couple which when binds together can make their dreams turn into reality. Both are sensitive, emotional, affectionate and deeply attached to each other. Strong emotions can either make this relationship much successful and caring or may destroy it. Both are romantic, cherish home and friends and need to love and be loved. They had frequent quarrels but of a short period.

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