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Since These Problems are similar, click on the link to know about Pimples & Acmes and how you can remove it, how you can avoid it, etc, etc.
















































































































































I am very happy to know that you are very conscious about your health. I can't give any suggestion to you without seeing you. Of course we suggest you to visit a dormatologist.

It is unlikey to have 33th teeth, you may be having gingeral problem. I suggest you not to be scared and visit a dentist.

Think basically black marks in your nose because of wearing glasses. I suggest you to use lenses. For you black mark. I have lots of herbal treatment but I can't call you in my center because it is only for ladies.
Eliopathy Treatment
à Use ekroma, elocon & Rationo "A" 0.25% mix small amount of all oinment & apply affected area only.

Thanks for your question. Pimples is the most disturbing signal that you receive when you step into those years of your life which are invariably marked by these unwelcomed guests. So, I am going to give you some short and simple tips.
Pimples are the small, raised spots on the skin. They are caused due to excessive secretion of oil from the oil glands of the skin.. To deal with problem following are the remedies:
* make a paste of Jira seeds in water to apply it over the pimples.
* grind dhatorru seeds adding a little water. Apply this paste locally on pimple affected areas.
* the paste of rakta-chandan & turmoise made with milk is a useful local application.

Thanks for your question. I am going to give special herbal tips for you, which is not expensive & you can make easily at your home.
Soon after you leave your bed in the morning, press a tissue paper on to your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin for a minute or two. Please do not rub the tissue paper on the face. If there is oil on it, you have oily skin. In this case cheeks are drier than other part of the face. Oily skin looks like enlarged pores, shiny appearance, blackheads to a tendency to feel greasy to the touch with in an hours after cleansing.

The basic structure of the body is determined by genetical factors but the proper care & grooming of your body entirely depends on you. So, without worrying about the shape & size of your hand, you should work towards making them good looking. The most important thing about the proper care of your hands is the shape of your nail & the condition of your proper care of your hands is the shape of your nails & condition of your hands. Here I am going to give you only the beautifying aspect of menicure.
à Remove the nail polish-a remover. Do not scratch it with a shape blade. And file the nail with an emery board. Mix 4-5 drops of oil & use it.
à Warm about a liter of water in a utensil. Add two tsp of shampoo in it & soak your hands in it for 15 mins water. Water should be lukewarm & not hot.
àClean the hands carefully with a soft brush. Cleaning in corner of the nails is very important.
à Remove the dead skin with purice stone rubbing it lightly on hands.
à With the help of flat headed dead skin remover scrub the nail to them a lustrous shine & a beautiful smoother look.
à Remove the dead skin from the corner of the nails to give them a beautiful shape.
à Clean the hand with a fresh towel.
à For softening of nails & removing the dead skin, apply hand cream on the nails & hand after cleaning them with a clean cloth.
à To apply light color nail polish in your nail.

Dear Ashish, thank you for your question. Actually you din't mention your problem clearly.
Moles can be cosmetically removed with the help of a plastic surgeon.

These are the tiny, dark spots sprinkled on the face. They generally appear on the areas which are elevated namely nose, cheek bones & forehead. Freckles are caused by exposure to the sun. Use sunscreen lotions before going out in the sun. Complexion lotions protect from the harmful effects of the sun by providing a screen between skin & the sunrays. There fore it is known as sunscreen lotion. I am going to give below a few complexion lotions which you can make yourself at home. Try one of these to look prettier than before.

Please visit a dentist

Hair is the crown of the body. So, you should maintain beauty of your contour. Your hair is thick & rough because of your negligence. With care & attention you will be able to restore it's bounce to glossy, shiny again. So, I am going to give some tips:
à Shampooing once a week is the need of this dry hair, followed by conditioning.
àRinse the conditioner off very thoroughly to avoid stickiness.
àFollow this treatment once in 15 days- warm 2 tablespoon of olive oil & massage into the head. Cover your hair with a polythene bag. Cover the bag with a warm towel in a turban like fashion. Leave it so for half an hour, then rinse away thoroughly & shampoo your hair in the normal way.
à If your hair tends to fly away avoid using hair spray. Instead put a dab of cream conditioner on your brush before styling your hair.
àIf you head is dry do this massage:
cup your hands & fingers little apart & press the pads of your fingers hard on your head. Massage gently & firmly moving the head itself, not your fingers. Now move your hands to another part of your head & repeat the process.

I think basically stain on your teeth is due to smoking. I suggest you to consult a dentist for removal of your stain. The best way to prevent re-occurance of such staining is to quiet smoking.

Hi Lalit, thanks for your question. I will try to give your answer one by one.
Mehndi (Henna) is temporary dyeing hair color. Henna dyes give dark hair a reddish color & restores the shine to dull hair. There is sufficient protein & Vitamin E contain in egg. You can use egg on your hair twice a month.
Hair loss may be caused due to a variety of reasons. For example, tension, malnutrition, illness, etc. To take care of this problem try out the following steps:
à Eat plenty of protein containing foods, fresh fruits & vegetables. Cut down on fried foods, starches & sugary foods.
àWash hair at least once a week with a shampoo.
à Have hair trimmed every four or five weeks to get rid of split ends & have the hair styled.
à Use soft nylon brush or comb. Do not use elastic bands.
à Do not brush hair when it is wt but use a smooth edges, wide toothed comb.
à Increase blood circulation & the blood supply to hair roots with massaging. Massage atleast once a week. But massaging is not recommended for very oily hair.
à The juice of leaves of bhongra massaged into the head is an effective hair tonic to check falling hair.
à The paste made from powdered seeds of Shana & coconut, castro is used as a hair tonic.

I am very happy to know that you are very conscious about your face. You might have consulted with your doctor but I must be sincere to say that we use only herbal treatment which can be made in our home itself & we don't have any side effect also.
In the deeper layer of the skin are the cells which. Produce melanin, a pigment which gives the skin it's color. The pigment protects the skin from the direct rays of sun. Exposure to the sun increases the production of melanin giving way to a darker skin. While facing the problem of pigmentation you can use the complexion lotions to figure away the pigmentation menace.

Hair is the crown of human being. So, you should maintain beauty of your contour. Here is a tip for oily hair.
à Wash it just before it starts looking & feeling sticky once in 3 days.
à If left unwashed for long time, it may cause spots on the face & back.
à Choose a lemon based shampoo & pay particular attention to head when massaging the shampoo in. Rinse it thoroughly.
à Add a little vinegar to the final rinsing water to leave the hair very clean.
à If a sudden shampooing is needed try to do with this dry shampoo. Divide your hair into sections & fluff a little multani nitti powder through each section. Rub in well & leave for 10 minutes. Brush out thoroughtly with a clean brush. Multani mitti powder absorb most of the grease to dirt. But remember for this shampooing your head must not be dirty.

I cannot give any suggestion to you without seeing your face first. If it is pimple for sure, ofcourse you can see the remedies in other questions.

How important our feet are to us, we only realize when we have some problem in them. A problem as minor as shoe-biting makes us aware of the feet's utility to us. Even then our attitude towards them is not very cordial. We usually neglect them & do not really want to take their proper care. So, I am going to give different steps of feet care. A regular care of the feet at least once a 15 days should be taken to beautify them.
à Remove the old nail polish remover in which 4-5 drops of oil are added.
à With every board, file your hairs.
à Dip your feet in shampoo mixed luke warm water & keep them for atleast 10 minutes. Water should be half of the bucket so that it touches the middle of legs.
à With the help of a tooth brush, clean the nails as well as the feet completely.
à Clear all the dead skin from the feet with the help of pumice stone.
à Remove the dead skin from heels with a metallic feet scrubber to give them a clean & smooth look.
à Now dry up the feet after removing dead skin with a fresh towel.
à Massage and cream the lower part of your feet to have a fine smooth skin.
à Similarly massage the bottom portion & folded fingers applying gentle pressure.
After all these steps now you feel clean, beautiful & relaxed. Enjoy this feeling.

Dear Rajin, Wash your face two, three times in a day with cold ice water. Don't use any oily cream, don't put oil in your hair. Don't eat fatty and oily food. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible. Drink lot of water.

Dear Asmita, You have to oil your hair every week. Apply henna once a month. You have to wash you hair every after four days.

Dear Asmita, If you have normal skin then you can scrub your face twice a month but before scrubbing your face you have to massage your face for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Dear Samina, if you have many freckles (kothi) in your face, apply sunscreen on your face. Don't expose you face directly to the sunlight.

Dear Rosy, Apply henna twice a month, oil your hair and leave it overnight. And next day wash it off with good quality shampoo with conditioner. Eat fruits and green salad. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

Dear Arun, Don't apply any oily cream on your face. Drink plenty of water. Don't eat any oily and fatty food. Wash your face at least two, three times with cold ice water.

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