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     Today the problem of acne or pimples and blackheads has been very common among the teenagers. Prehaps it is the most disturbing signal that you receive when you step into those years of your life, which are invariably marked by these unwanted skin problems. So, I am going to give some tips concerning the above mentioned problem. I hope it would definetely help you people to deal with your problems.

BlackHeads & Acne/ Pimples
     When oil gets collected and hardens in the pores of the skin then blackheads are formed. Oily skin not only attracts dusts but also continuosly shed the dead cells. Dirt, oil, sweat and stall make up tend to plug & block the pores. The pores are exposed to the dirt and air, hence they turn black and are called the blackheads. Owing to blackheads, the pores get blocked and oil glands get infected resulting to pimples. If the infection progresses, it ruptures the mechanism of oil glands and attacks the inner layer of the skin giving way to an acne prone condition.

¬ constipation
¬ not cleansing the face thoroughly
¬ to much consumption of coca-cola, tea, coffee
¬ less consumption of water
¬ late nights
¬ hormonal imbalance

¬ Acne Simple-
    Usually found both in male and female between the age of 12-15. At this age pimples appears on face. For the girls on the onset of periods & generally subsides from the face.
¬ Acne Compound-
    It is usually found in both sex between the age of 15-30 years. Here the pimples & acne appear in clusters, the cause of this is general hormonal imbalance & they may be due to worry and tension.
¬ Acne Neurosis-
    It commences at the base of nerves. It occurs at any stage due to worry and tension.
¬ Acne Frontals-
    This is the acne on the forehead at any stage may be due to dandruffs threading, purming, flying on reaction to shampoo.
¬ Acne Senite-
    This occurs with the women at the age of 45-55 because of hormonal imbalance & depression.
¬ Acne Dosacia-
    It appears as an irritation on surface of the skin generally around the eyebrows, nose side & corners of the eyes, mouth. Basic cause is hormonal imbalance.
¬ Acne Vulgaris-
    This is the last stage of acne where you will find out forms of skin disorders on the face, such as open pores, blackheads, white wod pastabes, papales, etc.

¬ When you have blackheads wash the face quite often, say 4-5 times in a day with water.
¬ Avoid foods which cause constipation and other disorders of the stomach (too spicy, sour, oily).
¬ While dealing with your acne, never use your nail or tools to prick it. It may leave scars behind which results     into spots and may cause septic. So, always use cotton & hot water to clean it.
¬ Mix on thymal powder with a tea spoon of curd. Apply it around the acne & wash it after 15 minutes.
¬ Get some rosewater in bowl. Add equal amount of cucumber paste on it. Stir it properly and have a pack of     it for 20 minutes. It will help controlling your acne.
¬ Get some nutmeg mixed with cow milk & apply all around your acne for few minutes. Then wash it with cold water.
¬ The milky juice of unripe papaya applied locally removes pimples.
¬ To drink lot of water.

* Pimple Removing Tomato Lotion:
   ¬ camhhor lotion--------1/2 tsp
   ¬ tomato juice----------1/2 tsp
   ¬ honey-----------------1 tsp
   Mix all the ingredients well and apply the paste on the face. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash off with luke warm water followed by a cold water, rinse. It is also very good for removing spots caused by pimples.

* Pimple Removing Garlic Lotion:
   ¬ Multani Mitti Powerder-------- 1 tsp
   ¬ Honey--------------------------1 tsp
   ¬ Carrot Juice--------------------1 tsp
   ¬ Garlic (Paste)------------------1/2 tsp
   Blend all these together & apply this mask on the face for 20 minutes. After that wash off with luke warm water. Never forget to give a cold water rinse because the pores which get opened by luck warm water wash get contracted if you rince off with cold water.

* Pimple Removing Camphor Lotion:
   ¬ Glycerine--------1 tsp
   ¬ Borax Powder--1/2 tsp
   ¬ Distilled Water--1 cup
   ¬ Camphor Lotion- 1/2 tsp
   Mix all these ingredients well and make a mixture of it. Apply this on the face & leave it to dry when it is dry wash off with luke warm water. Finally rinse off the with cold water. Extra paste can be kept safe under refregeration for further use.
   If you want to use herbal antiseptic, antipimple cream you can easily get herbal creams in the market.
   If you do want to discuss personally about your problems or have any quieries, I prefer you to visit our parlour so that we can thoroughly go through your problem and help you with it.



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