Accidental Death Insurance:
As an innovative measure, there is accidental death insurance cover for individual account holders. The insurance benefit payable to the nominee of the account holder will be a lump sum equivalent to four times the minimum balance in the account during the month of the event, subject to a maximum ofRs. 500, 000/-.

PSA Scheme:
The Premium Savings Accounts Scheme (PSA) provides incentives for accounts with balances over Rs. 50, 000/-. PSA holders are served through a special counter in all our branches. The participants of this scheme can avail ofregular Credit Card and ATM card along with Tele-banking facility free of charge. The customers under this scheme are given preference in providing Safe Deposit Lockers. They also enioy a 20% discount in rental chargesfor small size lockers. Interest on all such accounts is calculated on a daily balance basis. PSA holders maintaining an average balance of over Rs. 100,000/- are eligible to participate in a lucky draw under which a premium prize and several otherprizes are given every month.

Interest rate and charges:
The Bank's deposit and lending interest rates and service charges for various banking facilities are very competitive. These may be ascertained from any of the branches.



Keeping in view the need of the Nepalese nationals working in the Middle East (Gulf Countries) the bank has developed an extensive network of banks there. The names and addresses of the correspondent banks and money exchange companies in the gulf area are as follows:





Alrajhi Commercial Foreign Exchange

Head Office
Palestine Road
PO. Box: 4514
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Tel: 6700260 Fax: 671641916723220

City Exchange Company W.L.L.

Near Arab Bank Roundabout
PO. Box 16081
Doha, Qatar
Tel: 4226411414632 Fax: 435658

Kuwait Bahrain Int'l Exchange Co. W.L.L

PO. Box: 26926
13130 Safat, Kuwait
Tel: 242197112421973 Fax: 2431000

Standard Chartered Bank


Habib Bank Limited



Habib Bank Limited

Creek Road
PO. Box: 888
Deira, Dubai U.A.E.

Byb1os Bank S.A.L.

AYA Building
Dora Beirut

Union Exchange Co. W.L.L

P0 Box: 1643
State of Qatar
Tel: 423 7151423 716 Fax.: 423 717

Doha Bank Limited

Grand Hamad Avenue
PO. Box: 3818
State of Qatar
Tel.: 456600 Fax.? 416631

Saudhi Hollandi Bank

PO Box: 1467
Riyadh 1143
Saudi Arabia

    Head Office & Main Branch
    Location: Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh Building,
Tri-devi Marg, Thamel,
P.O. Box 20590, Kathmandu, Nepal.
    Telephones: 227749, 250201
    Telefax: 977-1-222800
    Telex: 2789 HIBA NP
    Email: hbl@hbl.com.np
    Web Page: http://www.south-asia.com/hbl
    Prithvi B. Pande Executive Director

Shahid M. Loan

General Manager

  New Road Branch
    Location: Bishal Bazar, P.O. Box 8764,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
    Telephones: 243107, 224787, 241479, 245480,221591
    Telefax: 977-1-240086
    Telex: 2808 HIBA NP
    Email: hblnr@mos.com.np
    Kishore Maharjan

Branch Manager


  Birgunj Branch
    Location: Mahabir Road, Birgunj,
Parsa, Nepal.
    Telephones: 977-051-24678,27504
    Telefax: 977-051-27518
    Email: birgunj@hbl.com.np

Balaram Bista

Branch Manager

  Patan Branch
    Location: Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal.
P.O.Box: 20551
    Telephones: 535556, 535579, 524393
    Telefax: 977-1-535554
    Email: patan@hbl.com.np

Ujjal R. Rajbhandary


Branch Manager

  Bharatpur Branch
    Location: Bharatpur Height,
Chitwan, Nepal.
    Telephones: 977-056-24240
    Telefax: 977-056-24240
    Email: hbl@hbl.com.np

Yadav R. Pandey


Branch Manager

  Mahargunj Branch
    Location: Tribhuvan University Teaching
Hospital, Maharajgunj,
P.O. Box 20590, Kathmandu, Nepal.
    Telephones: 425183,424292,425179,425180
    Telefax: 977-1-425181
    Email: maharajgunj@hbl.com.np

Purnalata Rajbhandary


Branch Manager

  Nagarkot Rular Branch
    Location: Windy Hills, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur,
    Telephones: 680070
    Email: hbl@hbl.com.np

Kushal C Biswas


Branch Manager

  Tandi Branch
    Location: Ratnanagar, Tandi, Chitwan,
    Telephones: 977-056-60750
    Telefax: 977-056-60750
    Email: hbl@hbl.com.np
    Sagar Regmi Branch Manager