The Centre for Environment Education Nepal was founded in Baisakh, 2056, corresponding to April 1999. It is registered at the District Administration Office Lalitpur and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu. The office of the CEEN is housed in the Chairman's rented residence. The CEEN's activities are being undertaken voluntarily by the members.

Its main aim is to bring about awareness about the environmental problems among the young and the old the students and the public at large and to suggest simple ideas which are environmentally friendly, through active participation in the educational programmes organized by the CEEN.

Therefore, the main aim of CEEN is dissemination of Environmental Awareness to fulfill the national and global mandate of Sustainable Development.
  Development of a nation is necessary; and it is during this process that most of the environmental problems have emerged. The mother Earth, at the moment is at the threshold of fast developmental activities and irreversible environmental problems.

Man, the most intelligent animal, in the beginning, started his activities to dominate the earth displacing other species and without anticipating the repercussions of his actions.

However, at one time, he found himself the most endangered species. He realized that if life on earth is to sustain, careful planning in the development process is a must.
  Any citizen who misses environmental education today will be a blind man tomorrow in his thought and actions. Environmantal Education (EE), therefore, has to be apart and parcel of each individual. The EE aims at developing ethical values which guides the activities of a person. It is a matter of fact that every individual on the earth has a direct or indirect relationship with the global issues like green house effect, ozone depletion, acid rain, desertification, etc; but it is hard to believe and understand. Disseminating Environmental Education is the only way which enables one to understand that all these complex problems have roots in our daily activities and that, modification in our attitude and actions have a positive impact on the environment. Imparting this education has been the main focus of the CEEN.

"The CEEN has developed a One Day Conservation Education Workshop for students above class VI and for teachers, during Saturdays and holidays. For details, interested schools may contact the CEEN."

  The mission of the CEEN is to create awareness on environmental conservation to be eco-friendly at all times.This will be achieved through the following activities:

     1.     Environmental Education Projects.
     2.     Classes and Camps for students and teachers.
     3.     Essay, Art, Quiz, Debate on environmental themes.
     4.     Environmental Campaigns.
     5.     Observation of National and Global Environmental Days.
     6.     Workshops/Seminars.
     7.     Education through media-both paper and print media.
  The CEEN is comprised of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasures and three permanent members to co-ordinate all the activities of the organization.

The Central Working Committee is elected for a term of two years, which is then dissolved and re-election takes place for another two years.

All the members have different backgrounds and nature of work. Meeting takes place frequently to discuss and plan the programs.
  Through donation of books and education materials, the CEEN has been able to establish a modest library. The members regularly borrow the library and are making great use of them.

Donations from WWF UK, IUCN Nepal, SNV, World Watch, USA, ICIMOD Nepal, RSPCA, UK are being received on a regular basis.

Similar requests are made to several national and international organizations for support of the CEEN library. Many of the materials are used by the teachers.
For Further Details Contact
The Centre for Environment Education Nepal,
Post Box: 8975: EPC: 1591.
Ekantakuna/Bhanimandal, Lalitpur,
Kathmandu: Nepal.
Ph: 00977-1-5532447.