Going through all eras, the world has now entered in the era of information. Information dissemination is what we think in a knowledge based economy. Information technology has brought about a revolution and merged our six continents into one global village.
     Feeling the need of ever-growing demand for solutions in information and communication sectors, WorldLink Technologies was jointly established in 1997 by WorldLink Communications Pvt. Ltd. and Honey Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. We are a fast-growing web and software development company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The office aims to develop and manage cutting-edge software systems including web-based database-driven systems, internet-based reporting systems and website development. Being in business for over four years now, WorldLink Technologies has consistently striven to develop software solutions, which are designed to guarantee satisfaction to our clients. Our solutions have not only helped our clients to manage their information more efficiently, but have also allowed us to stay at the cutting edge of the ongoing revolution in the arena of InfoTech. Our solutions are devised not to intimidate but to simplify the ever-in-demand information dissemination process.
     Being in alliances, both WorldLink and Honey Enterprises has been serving WorldLink Technologies as development partners for their respective areas of expertise. WorldLink, being the largest ISP in Nepal, is the technical arm in terms of communication and network infrastructure. Honey Enterprises, being one of the most reputed business houses in Nepal in representing multinational companies, is the strategic development and marketing wing. Both parent companies bring in large arry of resources to bear for WorldLink Technologies.
     Our IT professionals have excellent command over database like ORACLE, MS SQL Server. We have used latest up-growing CASE TOOLS like Designer 2000, Oracle Application Server (OAS), and Developer Server. We have trained manpower in front-end tools like Developer 2000, Visual Basic, and Visual C++. Majority of our products have been developed using above- mentioned platforms in the client server environment. In our continuous effort to ever expand to latest technologies, our further effort has been on the development of web enabled applications and different Internet solutions with the help of latest tools in the market such as JDeveloper (Java Developer), Visual Basic, MS Front Page, Flash, ASP, PHP and the database like My SQL. Multimedia unit to enhance the quality of the product thereby maintaining the reputation and supporting the brand being set by WorldLink uses multimedia tools and the related scripting language, namely Macromedia Director, Macromedia Authorware, Asymmetric Multimedia ToolBook, Astound, Scala and Media Fusion etc.
     We are engaged in Business Process Re-engineering through development of Client-Server Software Products and Projects for use on state-of-the-art platforms. Our specialization extends to design, development, integration and support of enterprise, client/server and Internet or intranet based software systems. We offer custom application development based services such as application implementation with a wide variety of tools and architectures. We offer consultancy to organizations in the areas of:
     "Project Planning"
     " Software Development using Oracle (including Developer 2000), MS Access, Internet Web Site Design and Development using HTML, XML, CSS, CGI, Flash, PHP-FI, mySQL, Java, JDBC and JavaScript etc."
     " Strategic Planning in Information Technology, Implementation of Intranets, LAN and WAN Networks."

Strategic Planning:
     Taking a complete overview of information technology present and required in an organization, suggesting an alignment of IT requirements with the business objectives of the organization. This maybe done for existing as well as new organizations. The business overview normally looks at Communication Requirements including those for Data Communication, Intranet & Internet requirements, Optimum specification for Hardware and Software, Requirements,
Selection and Implementation of a suitable ERP
     Internet or Intranet applications characterized by deployment with maximum functionality on application servers. Functionality on client stations is limited to the GUI and is often downloaded dynamically at run-time.
     Traditional two-tiered development typically with a GUI client and a database server.
Contract Software Development Activities:
     We undertake the following contractual tasks in Nepal. Contract Programming, Off Shore Development and Software Maintenance.
Web Site Development:
     HTML development, database integration, web gateways, Mail servers, search tools, secure servers, virtual or dedicated hosting, co-location, database hosting and application hosting services.
Enterprise Application Development:
     Enterprise Java Application Development:
     Database connectivity via Java based technologies (Java Server pages, Java Servelets) and Oracle Database servers.
Consulting Services:
     Internet and Intranets, Software Design and Re-engineering, Project Management etc.
     WorldLink Technologies aims to be a leader in the area of customized and database driven solutions for offshore software development. The basic aspect of software development is to fulfill client™s need. Clients satisfaction is our goal. Thus we develop all software using highly structured and internationally accepted software development methodologies. These ensure a high level of interaction between the client and our software team during the software development life cycle. This in turn minimizes post-development modifications to a large extent and keeps development time and costs under control. More importantly, it provides a very useful tool for monitoring the progress of the project. Separate Quality Assurance and Documentation Groups ensure that all software is well tested and documented before sent for the installation at a client site.
     Providing IT solutions deliberately undertake the job based on Client - Server module. WorldLink Technology has always been opted for following simple objectives to best serve our client:
Simplicity: Based on the requirement placed by a client, we make our modules as simple as possible. Such simple module not only helps us in debugging the fault whenever arises in future, but also make the whole solution user-friendly.
     Efficiency: Our Quality Control Unit thoroughly tests the tolerance factor of the solution being designed, before the implementation phase, thereby ensuring the efficiency of the solution being implemented.
Reliability: Reliability is another vital factor in customer support. The
     solution we design caters the current as well as future demand of the client. We make every effort to ensure reliability of the solution on the long run basis.
     Support: WorldLink Technologies has been ranked among top companies to have best customer support division. Our success as an excellent service provider is exemplified by satisfaction of our customers.

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