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Rappaz Union
March 1st-March 31st

     Rappaz Union, the band got together in the year 2000 with Nirnaya da' Naughty Soul Kid, Sammy Samrat, Richie Rich Rinchin and Caoz Capone has been crowned the pioneer of hip hop in Nepal. Their first album "Fo' Ya' All" was released in 2000 and their second album just released "Da' Game Mus' Go On" in 2002. In this album the quartet, which turned to trio (absence of RRR) has introduced 12 new voices from all over Nepal, Australia, USA and even Sweden. This album which is a limited edition BLACK cd and will be available in the stores the 1st week of March, until now the album was only found in selected outlets like tic n' tok. Again the trio has turned to duo due to the absence of Caoz Capone, who is currently residing in the USA. But that does not mean the band has broken though. The voice of Caoz Capone has already been stored for the next album. For further details visit: http://www.sajilo.com/rappazunion or www.geocities.com/nirnsk.

Getting Up-Close and Personal with Rappaz Union

March. 15th@ 5:00 p.m. on sajilo chat
Nirnaya Da' Naughty Soul Kid
Sammy Samrat
Caoz Capone
Date Of Birth
NSK: 15th of Feb
SS: 26th May
NSK: Balwatar
SS: Kupondole
NSK: B.Sc. In computer Science
SS: currently in 12th grade
NSK: r.j., running a dot com, singer, n' a student
SS: student
The greatest achievement would have to be the love from everyone. These no greater gift than love.
Upcoming Plans
Introduce more new voices in the hip hop world of K.A.T.H. mandu and come up wid' another album.
Best time I ever had
NSK: Every moments got it's own sweetness.
SS: Recording all the songs together, when all four wuz' in da' studio.
If I was not a singer, what would I be doing
NSK: I already am a lotta' different things right now. So, i would be one of 'em.
The time I felt I touched the sky
NSK: so many times, hard to name one
SS: I still feel, I haven't reached the stars yet, I still need to achieve more to get it.
My favorite piece of work of myself
NSK: "hand in hand" n' "I know" two singles from our second album.
SS: "holla' back" n' "ji-li-li"
NSK: I'm a collector.
SS: Hanging around with friends and to drop verses
What turns me on
NSK: The way one carries themselves, shy, elegant but theres again that lil' boldness.
SS: A simple lady
Our forthcoming piece of work
Wait Up, the cassettes and cdz hit the stores fo' "da game mus' go on", den' we'll be workin' on da' new album.
NSK: Nature- everything dat's aroun' me inspires me to write, feel and sing.
SS: 2Pac
Money makes a man
NSK: Ignorant
SS: Perfect
My dream date
NSK: With the schedule i got, i need my sound sleep, no time fo' dreamz but date, ha, ha.
The first thing I notice about the opposite sex is
NSK: The way she carries herself, she's gotta' have the traits of the opposite sex, the femine traits.
I am jealous of
NSK: absolutely nuthin', i'm content.
SS: no comment.
Last words
NSK: The first thing to change is the man in the mirror. So, let's change fo' da' betta'.
SS: Live your life the way you want.
Their W o r k s  T i l l  January,  2 0 0 2
"Da' Game Mus' Go On"     "Fo' Ya' All"         
Bidhan Shrestha
Surendra Mukhia
Raju Adhikari
Raman Shrestha
Kailash Gurung
Doma Sherpa