Good Design Gets Results
With an objective to provide comprehensive and quality computer service in the sector of Graphic designing & Desktop Publishing Silk Art Pvt. Ltd. has come into existence from the year1996. Within a short period of 5 years of its operation, it has earned high popularity in its quality and economic dedication in this sector due to its integrated set of sophisticated computer equipment & highly skilled professionals. We have immense pride in providing satisfaction to our regular customers, which they have expressed from their very first to boost our morale.
Our field of service includes Graphic Art-works associated with manual & computer effects. Consequently, we feel that we have gained enough confidence from our valuable customers with our works on designing & producing Logos Pamphlets, posters, Brochures, Greeting Cards, Booklets Book-covers, Cassette-covers, CD-covers, Screen Printings & Pre-Press works.
To add the convenience, we believe that our location in the main business centre i.e. Pyukha, New Road, is playing a vital role in further strengthening our business ties with our valued customers.
It would be appropriate to mention the equipments that we work with. We have the latest technology equipments as Power Machintosh & Power Machintosh G3 computers. Laser printer with 600 Dpi resolution, colour printer with 1200 dpi resolution, scanner with resolution of 2400*2400 Dpi, Optical Drive with upto 640 MB storage capacity and 100 Mb Iomenga Zip Drive.
We work with motto to provide optimum satisfaction to our highly esteemed customers and we are trying our best to deliver orders promptly in competeive prices.
Silk Art Pvt. Ltd.
GPO Box 6158, Tel: 265359
Pyukha, New Road, Kathmandu, Nepal