Goal & Philosophy :

If you are looking for an" adventure with the purpose" SATE is the right door to move through.SATE has aright combination of expertees, commitment and experience to make your trek more than just passing time. SATE is led by a team of energetic professionals and it has been conducting Himalayan trek and expeditions with a devotion that has earned it a place among leading trek operators.

SATE organizes jungle safaris to view wildlife, white water rafting trips, cultural tours, mission trips, excursions to Tibet, Mt. Kailash and other fabeled destinations to bring you the complete spectrum of adventure opportunities. As the name suggests, Shepherd Adventure Trekking is dedicated to taking good care of its clients in the same way a shepherd looks after his flock. It gives its customers individual and personalized attention because customer's safety and satisfaction are always at the top of its priorities.

SATE's caring guides and porters go out their way to make the trip enjoyable by introducing you to sights and experiences of your interest.And should there be any unfortunate incidents on the trail, SATE will arrange emergency helicopter rescue.That is one service you don't want to be without in the Himalayas.

SATE does more than conducting magnificient treks. People of SATE are eco-and agro-friendly.More than 75% of the Nepali population depends on agriculture. SATE does different programs to upgrade and uplift the status of these people.It is also concerned about the fragile Himalayan environment. So, if you rae looking for adventure with a purpose, you'll be proud of your choice by choosing SATE.


Fact About Nepal :

Location North of India and South of Tibet/China
Area 147181 sqaure kilometers
Latitude 26 degree 12' and 30 degree 27'
Language Nepali, English is common in the tourist areas
Capital Kathmandu
Population (est.)22,000,000 mainly divided into 2 distinct group ,the IndoAryans and the Mongolians. Among theses groups there are approximately 40 different ethnic groups and more than 70 different languages.
Political System Multiparty Democracy with Constitutional Monarch
Religion Hindu, Buddhist,other minority religions
Time 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT
Weather 4 seasons, Cold (Dec-Feb), Wet (Jun-Sep), Hot (Mar-May), and "in between" (Oct-Nov)


Adventures Available:

  • Trekking
  • Mountineering & Expeditions
  • Mt. Kailash Tour
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Special Tour to India, Bhutan, Sikkim, Tibet
  • Exciting White Water Rafting
  • Incentive Cultural Tour Package
  • Trekking with Medical Camp (Social work)
  • Air Ticketing (Domestic & International)
  • Mountain Flight
  • Mission Trip
  • Hotel Booking


Contact Us:

Shepherd Adventure Trekking & Expeditions (P) Ltd.
Tel: 977-1-4473580, 4466977
Fax: 977-1-4430126
Email: sate@wlink.com.np
web: www.satenepal.com