A Souvenir from Nepal Philippines Society

Nepal Philippines Society President: Laxmi P. Shrestha 
Vice-President: Purushottam Gautam 
Ashok Banskota
Joint-Secretary: Basant Mainali
Treasure: Pratap J. Pandey
Immediate Past President: Bishwa Sakha
Member: Atish K. Shrestha
Member: Kiran Shrestha
Member: Jasman Lalchan
Member: Keshav L. Shrestha
Member: Arinita Maskey
This Directory is published on the auspicious occasion of 8th Anniversary of Nepal Philippines Society (NEPHIL). This directory contains information on its members. We hope that this directory will find many uses with the reader.
During past eight years, NEPHIL is committed to promote friendship between Nepal and Philippines, unity among its members and assist its members whenever possible. NEPHIL also assist and provide valuable information for those who wants to persue higher education is the Philippines.
I would like to thank Mr. Ashok Banskota, Mr. Laxmi Prasad Shrestha, Pratap J. Pandey and Mr. Basant K. Mainali for their valuable supervision in publishing this directory.
I am confident that NEPHIL will continue to work with compassion, vision and various activities for the benefit of its members and for the development of the nation. Wish you all on the occasion of 8th Anniversary of NEPHIL.

Biswa P. Saakha
Immediate Past President
Nepal Philippines Society



1. De La Salle University
2. Mapva Institue of Technology
3. Saint Louis University
4. University of Philippines Las Banos
5. Ateneo University
6. Philippines Christian University

P.O.Box NO. 5, Kathmandu, Nepal