M o d e l  o f  t h e  F o r t n i g h t
Mar 1st -Mar 15th, 2004
Radha Gurung
Address: - Tallo Dip, Pokhara
E-Mail: - r_destination21@hotmail.com
Vital Stats: -


Height: - 5' 5"
Date of Birth: - May 28th
Star Sign: - Gemini
Getting Personal with Radha
Modelling is:
a good guidance who are looking for a bigger chance, magic & career
Modeling Makes Me:
confident and helps to face in the public
If I could reach the star and bring it back, I would give it to:
my dear parents
To improve the glamour in modelling, Nepalese models need:
attractive & glamorous looks & good personality
One thing I wish I had, but have not got till now is:
secure job
If I had a chance to go out on a date, I'd go with:
handsome & winsome Brad Bitt
Favorite Pastime:
surfing net & watching movies
My Passion:
travelling to new places
My sex appeal:
is my wet lips with a charming lips
Participated in:
not yet
Others say I am:
hot, sexy & gorgeous
Best feature about me is:
my sexy eyes & height
For my skin I use:
pixy & no. one fair & lovely
For my hair I use:
no.1 shampoo "head & shoulder"
Last word:
never lose hope with setting sun, but it is sure to rise tomorrow
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