M o d e l   o f   t h e  F o r t n i g h t
Dec. 15th-Jan. 1st
Niraj Basnet Danil
Address: - Sipadol-2, Bhaktapur
E-Mail: - danilbasnet@hotmail.com
Vital Stats: -  
Height: - 5' 10"
Date of Birth: - 1/14
Star Sign: - Capricorn
   Niraj Basnet Danil, a young model, choreographer will soon be choreographing his own show on the 14th of Feb at the Radisson Hotel called the "Valentine Model Contest". This handsome guy who would surely go out on a date with his girlfriend but the thing is, he hasn't found that someone. Anyone interested??
Getting Personal with Niraj
Modelling is:
a glamorous way (field) to develop country & ourselves with time.
Modeling Makes Me:
disciplined, trained & hard working personnel to sustain in life
If I could reach the star and bring it back, I would give it to:
those persons who are in need. but I don't think that stars will have value when I pick it up.
To improve the glamour in modelling, Nepalese models need:
good training, discipline & effectiveness. The field should get the form of industry & different faculty in Universities.
One thing I wish I had, but have not got till now is:
robust body
If I had a chance to go out on a date, I'd go with:
surely my girl griend (valentine), but my bad luck I don't have anyone till now.
Favorite Pastime:
when I am alone with my works
My Passion:
is to reach for my goal, one day I will probaly achieve my goal
My sex appeal:
originates in the eye and ends through lips
Participated in:
no. of fashion shows, cordinated them and soon will be organizing
Others say I am:
bold and talented person but I know I am still nothing
Best feature about me is:
loving and helpng everybody
For my skin I use:
Herbal creams & Garniers
For my hair I use:
Herbal oils and special colour
Last word:
Dear friends, if you are interested in this field then please be trained well in good institute.


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