M o d e l  o f  t h e  F o r t n i g h t
July 16th-August 1st, 2002
Babina Shrestha
Address: - Naya Bazar
E-Mail: - bob2002_s@hotmail.com
Vital Stats: - 33-26-35
Height: - 5' 4"
Date of Birth: - 20th shrawan
Star Sign: - Capricorn
 Winner of Model of the Fortnight in Mood is how she got into modeling. In just a few months in this field, she's a face see widely on t.v. cause she's done video's for Deepak Bajracharya to Gems Pradhan and now she's currently working on a new video for Sukmit Gurung and Sashi Gurung. She's definetely not a face you'll forget soon with her charm.
Getting Personal with Babina Shrestha
Modelling is:
a kind of art done by different levels of model by representing new products.
Modeling Makes Me:
feel confident
If I could reach the star and bring it back, I would give it to:
my family and friends
To improve the glamour in modelling, Nepalese models need:
government support and imporve all those things which a models needs.
One thing I wish I had, but have not got till now is:
a title of "Miss Nepal"
If I had a chance to go out on a date, I'd go with:
my friends & Arjun Rampal
Favorite Pastime:
watching movies, dancing, reading novels
My Passion:
My sex appeal:
Participated in:
Unliminted Fashion Show, Newa Festival. Coming Up: The Best 2002
Others say I am:
very hard working & nice
Best feature about me is:
my hair & smile
For my skin I use:
sunscreen lotion
For my hair I use:
head & shoulder
Last word:
always be happy, every step in your life & thank to sajilo.com for participating me in this web site.
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