M o d e l  o f  t h e  F o r t n i g h t
Dec. 1st-Dec.15th, 2002
Aakriti Rana
Address: - Kupondole
E-Mail: - info@sajilo.com
Vital Stats: -

32' 27' 38'

Height: - 5' 5'
Date of Birth: - Dec. 26th
Star Sign: -  
      This young 20 year old girl has her birthday coming up in December and what better gift could we give her than having her on this page. She's won the Miss Photogenic in Mr. & Miss Rajdhani and we wish her all the best for the Miss Nepal 2002 competition.
Getting Personal with Aakriti Rana
Modelling is:
my hoppy
Modeling Makes Me:
If I could reach the star and bring it back, I would give it to:
the orphans
To improve the glamour in modelling, Nepalese models need:
not only face but the talent that can make him/her a perfect person
One thing I wish I had, but have not got till now is:
If I had a chance to go out on a date, I'd go with:
Mother Teresa
Favorite Pastime:
chatting, reading books
My Passion:
my mother 'caue it's her eyes in which I see the dream I need to complete.
My sex appeal:
my face
Participated in:
Mr. & Miss Rajdhani and preparing for Miss Nepal 2002
Others say I am:
Best feature about me is:
I am never angry
For my skin I use:
For my hair I use:
Head & Shoulder
Last word:
Beauty lies on the eye of the beholder not in the face
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