He walks out of the doctor's room
Depressed, feeling inferior
Deep inside he has realized
Money can make a difference
And poverty is a crime

His ethics could not be sold
His priceless morals stand valueless
His son stands on the edge of his life
His principles can't get him back

He mumbles to himself
Out of realization
Money can make a difference
And poverty is a crime

Vicky Jha

The Headline

The words all gathered with a meaningless clue
For gods and devils living among me and you
The life was divided between bliss and pain
The godless children died in vein.

The papers made the headlines. The media found the news. The words made a history. We have come through ages. Yes ages, and now we see ourselves. Today we see ourselves, standing, walking, all dressed up on the so-called platform of modernism. What a word "modernism", defining it subconsciously with our own perceptions.
Some define it as the age of computers "cyber age". Some defined it as technologically sound era. Some defined it as an era of democracy and some just tried to prove it by following the west.
No, I am not talking about modernism. I'm not trying to define it nor I want to put my point of view on it. It is good the way it is. 21st century, is it? That's what we are living in? Oh yes! Millennium came and passed by. Made another headline, created a big attraction.
Millenium, so that's what we have come through ,"ages". Though for Nepalese millennium came way back and passed without much excitement. But no, I'm not trying to tell you about Nepal or attitude of Nepalese people.
It's just not them,the whole world is suffering through the same desease. We 're blind folded and we are moving on. The headlines catch our attention make us read the news and we forget it the next day.
We are successful in quoting the quotes from the history but did we ever realize, that though we've come out of ages, the headlines still are pretty much the same. Nothing much has changed . Though we define modernism in our perceptions, we could hardly apply it for the headlines..

Vicky Jha