"Past Present & Future"

When you return,
And take a look,it will be too late,
The past which once used to be your present
Is now you have left so far,
It would remain there,as only a dreadful memory
The present in which you still are clinging,
Is the innocent reality,
At any cost you have to face it
You have to take asylum under its feet
And walk with its pace
The future for which you are living,
Is a unsure dream,
A castle on the air which can shatter,
Even by a single blow of wind,
But still past,present and future,
Somehow are cared.

By: Smita Poudel


Far from the maddening crowd
A world lives in its own beauty and passion
There not even a second is poisoned
With the ghost of generous dreams
There still the threshold of day is opened
With the smile of same innocent dawn
The moon there still glows with the same enthusiasm
To light the bosom of the sombre night
And the stars are eager to describe the beauty
With the unspoken words
The blow of wind there still make the trees dance with it
With the same eternal delight
The aroma of marigold there makes the bees dwell
With the same passion and ecstasy
Even the harshness of rock is melted like the ice
By the loving warmth of sun
There still in the far horizon
The earth and the sky meet with the soft touch
Then the sky returns with the heart full of gay
And takes the breathe of satisfaction
Staring at the world full of glory.

-Smita Poudel