What If...??
What if everything would come to an end?
Would the birds stop singing?
Or the road be silent?
What if there would be nothing left?
Would the mind stop freeting?
Or the heart stop worring?
What if everybody would be gone?
Would these tears dry up in the eyes?
Or would there be no one left to care for?
For out in this would I see calmness?
I see the staring eyes of the sky
Looking down to the earth
As though it was to fall on it
I hear the growling of the ocean
Sounding as though it was to splash in times
I see the clouds turning grey
As though it was to wet the fields
I see the srumpled trees
As though it was to decay and start a new
And now that I see
God has become gracious to eternity
He has dropped some creatures on the land
And with that he has dropped the spirit of living
And a dawn of new beginning
-By Shrisha Tuladhar

A Girl Through My Dreams
There is a girl in my mind
Who just run through my dreams
A world to her means nothing

Coz feeling inside her are not been spoken
She runs to the lights
And wishes to fly like the kites
To open her wings in the vast sky
And the sonl that desires to cry

She stands along the lone road
Waiting for that breeze to pass through her soul
Staring at that tranquil sea
And wishing it would rise and touch her

She wants to be free and left alone
All alone by herself
But the world around chain her
And here all that she's left with is pain now.

-By Shrisha Tuladhar


By Shrisha Tuladhar

     Life a four letter word in common sense has a wide meaning in itself. It is the every moment that we live every second that passes in us. Life may be hard, life maybe great, life maybe worst, life maybe a gift, life maybe a sin. It is in the heart of person who lives it.
     Life is the gift of miracles. Accept it and you shall feel the joy of living it everyday, every minute and every second. It is the wonderful fortune. Each moment you shall fell the wonderful moment passes by you and within you. And it is love which makes a beautiful garden which we may never touch but whose fragrance makes a garden of life, a place, a place of delight. Spread love everywhere you can. It is the greatest feeling you will ever own. Love and you shall be loved but do not expect love from them.
     Travel you life and when you do you will feel the prices rising, politicians lecturing, and you are meeting new and more challenges. And when you do meet them, you face it. Maybe you will win, maybe you won't and even if you don't win, don't feel guilty because there's always next chance for you. Stick to it. Maybe the challenges in your life bring out words to you in the beginning. But if you stick to it, it's going to bring out the best in you. Try and look for it. You never lose until you quit trying. And even if you fall every time you try to get up, don't think your life is the worst that anyone else have ever lived 'cause in life pain and suffering are inevitable. And you never know when things change by a moment.
     Like the kids who rarely feel what's on their around, enjoy life in the best possible way they can. They dance like butterflies around flowers, birds in the sky. They sing like cuckoos in the spring times, maids during Ashad. And that's how life must be lived. Life must not be a chain rather it must be a garland to you. You should try to appreciate it and wear it. You ought to understand yourself, you ought to understand your life, and the value of living it, you ought to find something in your life. You are to live to find the meaning of happiness, the meaning of sadness, the meaning of sorrow, the meaning of care, the meaning of pain, the meaning of success, of the fail, the meaning of being loved, the meaning of being left behind.
    Life is a journey, the way of traveling it, the way of finding more hurdles, more pain, but if we smile in those pain too, life is going to be a wonderful one. So, live it, be yourself. It's the greatest gift you will ever own. They say that a person need just these three things to be truly happy in life. That is someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for. If you owe these three then congratulations !!
By Shrisha Tuladhar


By Shrisha Tuladhar

     Not all of us standing here will be together tomorrow. Not all of us will know the stories of tomorrow. The galaxy we see today will not be here forever. Time pass by, friends slip , parents bid goodbye and children leave and then we realize that we have only got those moments to treasure. We keep everything that bring out the memories: from the toys that we broke to the
books that we tore, from the bithday greetings that we got to those love cards that we received, from the response letter for the job we got to the promotion letter we received, from the rose our spouce gave us to the gift our children presented us. they all have a special place in our little hearts. We never realize how time passes and how those little moments turn
into a memory.

      Each and every single time that we go through each and every little moment that we pass through has it's own sweetness, has it's own story to tell. And that's how these little moments makes our lives beautiful and lively. And when we have lots of trouble in life and we just want to walk away from it, we turn those pages of yesterday and smile at those little moments we shared with others. Then we close our eyes and we feel that all the hurt and pain inside us is gone for a while. And then we rise up suddenly with all faith, courage and again we build belief in ourselves to face difficulities we encounter with full confident that yes, we can. And that's what makes life special.
     Everybody's life is a single blank paper and moments are those letters which fill it up and make it look more beautiful. It's absolutely in our hand how we colour our lives with cheerful colours. One single smile can melt our heart and one moment can make us nostalgic, talking us back down to teh narrow lane, where the sky is blue and field is green our eyes are closed and then we can feel the air passing through our souls giving the best meaning of our living. Moments makes our life special.
     When we were born we came with empty hands, we were crying and all the people around us were smiling. Let's live our life in such a way that when we die, we can steal all those moments we shared with others, leaving everybody crying while we are smiling all the way off to heaven. Let's live it a better way making it mementous.