End of a “day”

Every “day” breaks out
With a morning to start off
Then comes the “day”
As the morning keeps moving
Then every “day” goes dark
By an evening
And the evening grows darker
As the night comes
And that’s how every “day” ends!!!


We looked great together

Then was the world wonderful
When you embraced me in your arms
Then was the time when chirping
Of the birds seemed like sweet lullaby
So pleasant to hear
Then was the time when the flowers bloomed
And their
Fragrance spread in the air
So fresh, so sweet
Like our love, and those
Beautiful moments
That we used to share
Everyday that we spent together
Seemed like few minutes

Thought that a year together
Would also pass like a day
But had no luck
Still I feel
It was then a true love when I loved you
And it was then when we looked great together