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"And Suddenly you were no more"
It's a delight when you call back home
After a year of awaiting; eyes bedazzled body so much
A relief to hear your soothing voice
Tempering and caressing me with that piercing look of the eyes
Those melodies just makes me drool and dame
You are so near yet so far a fear to miss the chance
For a year my heart retards in pure awe
Heart-ached, burning tears streaming down the face
A never-ending fear that...you may have lost
in the battle of life and death thoughj victorious
What would have happened had it not been for you
Where would i have been; a lonely girl of twenty two
The gift you gave me that wintry night will last
For not just seven lives of relationship but even vast
what plans we made what dreams we knit
But all in vain tattered in bits
You had promised you would becoming back soon
You let andI lived with the air of that promise
but it's different now that small message said it all
It's announced that now I'm alone with you gone I cling to the wall
Even the wall cannot support my trembling legs
How will I face my lifeless body bearing a smile of fakes
Nothing left to live for......no hope for more
Twenty-two and going but my heart has stopped to belour
The floor is unable to hold me I am pushed down
In a shell where no light enters, no mercy is shown
Why only me- why so evil fate
I had never told you to go away-soon or late
I'm living they say but I no more understand
Gulping in the poison of those knitted dreams I am dying each day
My waiting for a news to break has turned from bad to worst
Who will take care of me when i need you the most
To be by my side and to feel the woman in me
When I take unto another phase named mothehood
Our child is now deprived of a right when he's not even born
Your place in my heart will our child understand
That his father existed yesterday but lives forever
in my heart and within me he's left his spirit?
Well.......more hopes.......more promises.......more dreams.....
As long as I breath more castles in the air it seems
What if our son wants to go off like you?
Should I stop him or let him go?
But if I do one more girl will be widowed
A lifeless soul with exist again- living yet dead
But you are not here and I cannot manage
If only life could be lent I'd lend you mine
Though my sun has set, the stars have not yet died
My moon will rise soon and fate I'll defy
Yes....you're coming back and I'll not let go this time
No breeze will stop me, no promise, no nature's whims.

By: Shaileshwori Sharma