"all the examination halls a stage"

here i am in the examination hall
just sitting behind a girl who is tall
i don't know answers to any
but somehow it makes me funny
i look around the examination hall
back front and sideways
it looks to me like a drama show hall
everyone concerned in their own plays

i thought the girl with the long hair
whose skin is fair, was very good
but now i see tiffin on her lap
answers written on her food!
the boy next to me looks like a person with brain
spectacles on his nose
but he is sounding like a hose
because his answer sheet is plain
out teacher is sitting on his chair
with eyes nearly closed
i will surely flip
if he will go to sleep

shakespear said-
'all the worlds a stage
and men and women merely players
they have their own exits and entrance
and one man in his time plays many parts'

but i say-
'all the examination halls a stage
and boys and girls heve blank page
they have their own ways of cheating
and one teacher in his time is sometimes sleeping'

nirishma bista