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Dark valley
Burning with lights
Houses are on fire
Hot lava flows through streets
I raised my glance to the sky
The sky too is occupied
Sprangled stars splashed all over
Long to sight a pitch-dark space
Shut my eyes
Only to find
Burning inside
So I drive north, up to the mountain
And as I behold
It all looks hellish
Hell, don't wanna return to dark valley
Want to hitchhike in that dark cloud passing by
Put off my fire, cover myself
And loft
If I survive this dark night
Good god
Spare me another day to fight

Each day I live...........is a victory

By: moonlightbandito

"Nature Calling"
Exotic beauty
is ever appealing
let me tell this
me, believe in fair dealing
no stealing, nor killing or any wrong feeling

This very moment
I hear someone call my name
......................it's faint

My placid emotion
ripples on a drop of a boon
it's still dripping
and that really has caused the turbulence
give rise to waves of commotion

The figure sways like a twig
eyes tippling like the peepal leaf
standing against the wind
the air chills and freezes my
(dunno what to do) heart
then twilight reaches eludes me to sleep

The monster sneak in
and play prank upon me
pulling my legs out of the blanket

I bemoan like a drop less ocean
me hide and seek for a shelter
Next morning
clear blue sky reflects my glowing face
with calm and soothing grace
my heart is warm and mellow again

Me a part of nature remains same
That familiar voice echoes now and then

It know it's "Nature Calling"