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Away from HOME (NEW)

The world is one and each place is linked with another by different means. Then, why do these places acquire such contrasting characters with each other? I wonder whether it's due to one's good luck to be born in such a developed place or not. It could be my pessimism or could be the lesson that the society had given me in a poor country. However, I'm yet a bewildered person.
After a long trip, I arrived at Vancouver airport. It was gorgeous and I glanced at each and everything my eyes could catch. I came off the transit and found myself in a marvellous city. I had seen such place only on TV and books That's it. Gosh! not even on my dreams. Those humongous buildings like mountains, those wide streets like a long barren lea, environment like a green house and traffic like a long ant chain made me go insane. Holy cow! Nevertheless, I felt myself so lucky to step on such a fabulous world.
I was starving and hence, I started looking for some food. I saw a vending machine; I put the coin in there and there falls a bag of chips. Wow! I wondered why we don't have that in Nepal? People were busy doing their own work and in Nepal, people got time to watch other working too. That was far beyond amazing. Holding the chips on my hand, I forwarded my journey.
The blizzard of my curiosity pushed me to the mall nearby. Oh my Gosh! That was huge. I was never able to fit such a gigantic shopping mall in my dreams. My mouth was opened as if I'm waiting for a ball to get in there, my eyes blinked every 30 seconds and I was walking slower than a tortoise. That was really weird. I was proud of myself to be there. I was little mad at my parents," Why did they give birth to me in such an underdeveloped country?" I closed my eyes and concentrated to know if it was my dream. Hey no, I was there for real. Everything was beautiful and attractive, the sparkly and shiny colourful glasses, the slippery floor, the big lamps hanging up and even the guys looked so cool.
It was getting little darker and I had to look for a hotel. I got out of the mall and the city looked much better. The glorious blazing lights on the street showed a beautiful picture like a million of stars in the sky as the motion of the vehicle was in a perfect order. My feet didn't will to move. I never felt that back home. Oh well! I look aside and far in a distance, there was a billboard "HOTEL". I forwarded my steps towards the hotel. I stopped and stood in front of the large hotel. I was shivering of nervousness and my hands got wet when I entered. I looked up at the rate and it was $200 per night. I almost fainted and I rushed out of there. I was totally lost. Holy macro! I walked across the street in search of a small motel with low rates. As it was downtown, so I couldn't find real cheap place. Eventually, I heard a loud music coming from the next block to my left. Again, my fastidiousness took me there. A huge crowd of people was jumping up and down, especially youngsters. It was a bit stinky too. I could smell alcohol and some gross scents. I took myself out of that nasty environment. The air was suffocative, the extra loud sound was disgusting and the people were filthy. It was wild. I turned and kept on looking for some place to stay. I had my heavy luggage with me and I was tired.
It was too late at night and I kept on changing the directions I had taken. Then, one kind black man came and he said where I was from. I told him everything and he accepted to give me a room in his house for that night. It was so nice of him. I got on his car and felt really good. Would people in Nepal do that? Hardly any. We got home and he helped me get my luggage in. I was so relaxed. He asked me if could give him a few minutes to clean up the mess inside his house. So, I waited outside. I was tired and I sat down on the ground.
I had my eyes closed and when I opened it, I saw a clear blue sky. I stood up and looked around. Oh shoot! I forgot to get inside the house. I was heading towards the house when I saw a real big lock hanging on the door. Holy crap! My luggage, my money, my stuff were inside. I knocked on the door for a few times and nobody opened it. I banged on the door and for heave sake, no one showed up. I could do nothing except cry. Finally, I went to the police station and told them that I was robbed. I had to stay there for 15 days until the police found the person. Man! They arrested him but I didn't get my money back. All I did was grabbed my plane tickets and followed the Vancouver airport departure gate line.
Well, such a huge city and I could find no place for myself? I was in the middle of no where, I couldn't see any direction to takeover. I met a person not to help me but to rob my belongings. This is just because my city is totally different from the city I was in for a night. If I jotted myself in a heavenly illustrious environment, then why did I miss something back home? My eyes were happy to see that wonderful spot, but I didn't know my heart never accepted to be there. Therefore, I think it'd not one's luck to be born in a big city or small. Everywhere is good. The only difference is the nature of the person and his attitude towards that city and his ability to survive there. I had no capacity to take care of myself, and that's why I had to return to where I belonged. So, if it's someone's aspiration to go to some big city, the place is always familiar to him; otherwide, the person will go crazy like me and lose his dignity.

Opposite Perspectives

I can't hear anything
Except those exploding sounds;
Bombs blasts every minute.

I can't hear anything
Except those crackling sounds;
Fire crackers blow every minute.

Dazzling fire lights threaten me,
Guns held in my hands;
My shivering fingers ready to shoot

Dazzling fire ligts entertain me,
Mom's holding my hands;
So, nobody bumps on my foot.

The fire caught my face,
It hurts so bad but I can't help;
I realize falling down, no one to hold me.

My mom wiped my face,
Removed the sweat, asked if she could help
I said no and urged to hold me.

The war goes on
But I'm no more there
Because, because I'm dead.

The firework goes on,
We're back home with teddy bear
Because, it was time for bed.


Darkness, when I close my eyes,
The same with the eyes opened;
But is a lot better than
What I find with my eyes closed.

I discover I've hurt someone
Don't know where on what day;
I remember I was hurt too
As that someone was not on my way.

We could have sorted this out
O heaven! The person turned around
Right in the middle of nowhere
Where I hardly hear any sound.

O hey! Please get me out of this
Suffocation to breathe here
Lets turn back time before it's late
And gather all our feelings to share
-Manisha Poudyel





"Forming Meaningful Connections May Enrich Lives?"
By Manisha Paudel
Grade XI

     I never used to chat online when I was in Nepal. But when I came ot Canada, I started chatting with lots of people whom I din't know for hours and hours. Sometimes, I used to chat whole nights and sleep whole days.
     One lucky day, I met a guy while chatting on one of the websites. We chatted fro thirteen whole hours. Both of us came to know many thigns about each other. He seemed to be kind and gentle. I had never met a fellow like him. He even sent me his picture and so did I. He looked vry attractive. I stared liking him.
     We promoted our communication from the computer to phone calls, then letters. he was from Nepal and he told to me htat he was not very wealthy. Therefore, I used to phone him a lot and talk for hours although it was expensive to call from here. He sent me letters written with blood in spite of my protests. It seemed that he loved me a lot. I started falling in love with him.
     I thought myself the luckiest girl in this world. Both of us had not met each other, but still we had such a strong connection. He wanted to marry me and our love went deep. I urged him to meet me on our anniversary. At first, he refused to come. However, later on, he accepted. I knew he would because he said he adored me. I used to think a lot about him every day and night. I wanted to marry him.
    He said that he couldn't afford tocome to Canada. So, I asked my parents to help him. They agred because they were happy to know that I had finally found my husband. I sent him the tickets and an invitation letter for this visa. He was coming a week before our anniversary. Two weeks before his arrival, my happiness knew no bounds. I knew he prefers slim figure, so I stared to diet. I went to the beauty parlor 5 times a week so that his first impression on me would be the best. I couldn't help myself. I was waiting from my love's arrival.
     Finally the day came and I was so excited to meet him. I was desperately waiting for him with a bit nervousness and fear in the airport. I wore my favorite dress holding a billboard with his name on it. People were exiting from the transit and one old man dressed in torn clothes glanced at me from the crowd of passengers. He headed towards me and called my name. I was shocked when he said he was my man. I almost fainted. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. The photograph he sent was of his son. Was this my dream?
     No, it wasn't. It was reality. I couldn't even be angry. I believed him. After all, I was not as yong as I had claimed and "forgot" to mention in all the correspondence that I have only one leg.