Pseudo vs Real

This world’s been a success
To the pseudo-lovers, semi-lovers,
Over-lovers and lovers-to-be...
The real lovers don’t have any room.
They have to flee away.
There are so many pseudo-poets, semi-poets,
Over-poets and poets-to-be...
The real poets don’t have any room.
They have to run away.

-- archt. jaamil u. jewel
dhaka, bangladesh
Distance between us

Festivals don’t stop even after death.
Life is such strong and plentiful.
After I die, there may be a procession.
A tomb will be allotted for me.
How lucky I am!
Only you won’t be there to touch my grave.
After you die, there must be a procession.
A pyre will be allotted for you.
How lucky you are!
Only I won’t be there to touch your ashes.
O, Beautiful Fire !
You'll be cremated into wood-burnt fire.