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Fire with water creates a highly charged association. Mars rules over both signs, so there will be mutal appreciation of strength or capabilities or fierce omptition. Aries does not suspect the secritiveways of Scorpio. Excellent of team work, if goals agree, but these signs will demand of each other.

These are oppostite signs. In love relationships, this factor often brings irristible physical attraction initally but when it diminishes, the opposite happens unless both have more things in common. Both are jealous and possessive, so mutual trust is essential. Such intense feelings can sometimes bring about a turbulent love-hate friendship.

Being opposite signs and also a stimulating combination, they repel and attract. Gemini is self contained, where as Scorpio loves freedom and independence. Both are naturally busy and active pople, so a mutual exchange comes easily to them.

Both signs are related to feelings and emotions rather than facts and logic. When harmony prevails, this is the best duo, but if conflict arises, emotionsgo out of control and distort clear thinking. Each one is intuitive and can sense the wrong. So mutual trust is essential.

These two powerfully strong willed signs can prove excellent unless either tries to control or dominate the other. There is no limit to what they can achieve if their goals coincide and they strive together. Leo frank and open will not understand Scorpio's secret,suptal manoeuvre and Leo often will disapprove of them.


Since both are practical and intelligent, this combination will work well. But emotionally these signs are worlds apart, Scorpio has intense feelings, burning desires and is often at the mercy of his or her own emotions, where as Virgo belives in controlling them. Scorpio is demanding, so will appreciate Virgo's reliable conscientious qualities.

This relation can create physical, emotional and sexual attraction. However, Libra will find Scorpio overwhelming at times. The secret of joy is to find a common point to share which gives pleasure and satisfaction to both. There is a mutual attraction between Libra's charming allure and Scorpio's sex appeal.


This double combination of emotiolals strengthen strong feelings, desires, emotoins and passions which both have. So with great desire and purpose they can achive great things. If not, violent clashes are likely, There is a touch of both the saint and the devel in this combination or union.

Unless Scorpio compromises, the relation will create problems. Sagitarrius's love of independence and free will arouses Scorpio's jealousy as he wants to possess, which is denied. Scorpio demands much of both self and others but Sagitarrius will rebel against domination.

Neither of them expects life to be an easy road full of fun and games. Both can be dedicated, determined and hard working. In serious and practical matters, they make a good team if their goals are the same. When conflict arises, they can be dedly enemies. Since nither of them readily gives up, serious rifts will not be easily or quickly resolved between the two.

Both strong willed and determined, so if they can channel their combined forces in to a common goal,great achievements are possible. Scorpio is intensely emotional and naturally passionate whereas Aquarius likes to feel free to share interests with many people. If Scorpio dominates there can be a clash, if the rift becomes serious Aquarius can seperate quickly. Scorpio takes love as intensely presonal matter whereas it as Aquarius treats it as universal love, unless this difference is understood clearly between the two, Scorpio Aquarius is too impersional and detached and their combination will not flourish.
The relation is magnetic in attraction, will generate an intensely emotional relationship. Scorpio dominates over others, Pisces, outwardly submissive, deviously manoeuvres. Pisces can soothe the in attention, compelling desires and compulsive yearning within Scorpio. Each intuitively senses the others mood ,needs, fears and faults. When things go wrong an overabundance of emotion will cloud the issue and settlements.

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