There is a shortage of good schools and colleges in Nepal. As a result, large numbers of Nepali boys and girls go to India and other countries of their education, even for primary education, at great expense and with the resultant outflow of scarce foreign exchange. The parents and guardians of these children cannot be blamed as they have no choice if their children or words have to receive good education. A great need had arisen in Nepal for more quality schools and colleges so that this can be controlled, if not halted. With this aim in view, some ex-students of Mount Herman School, Darjeeling of the 1947-1952 period decided to open the Fern Hill Pre-Primary School in January 1981. The name has been subsequently been changed to Him Shikhar to give it a Nepali name. The school has now been in existence for 20 years. During these years, the school has endeavored to provide modern education with emphasis on moral values and discipline in an appropriate and healthy environment. If some success towards this objective can be claimed, credit must be given to the staff of the school who have been specially selected for their motivation and competence. Further progress in all activities of The School is looked for, so that through the coordinated efforts of all concerned, this school establishes itself into a model school in the coming years in keeping with its name. Board Of Directors

Whatever deserves doing, deserves doing well

System Of Education It is a co-educational institution providing as all-round education to children from Playground to UKG. A combination of various teaching methods have been specially adopted for the Nepali children. Although English is the medium of teaching, Nepali being the National language, is also given due importance and taught side by side.

Procedure Forms for new admissions are available in January. Parents seeking admission should contact the school office and buy the school prospectus for a sum of Rs.150.00. One passport size photo and a copy of the child's birth certificate must be submitted along with completed forms. Forms will not be accepted until all the formalities are complete.
Children should be 2 years of age by February 2001. We have an aaya to care for the childrens' toilet requirements and the school provides trousers incase a child dirties underpants. These trousers should be returned to the school the next day because other children also need them.

To be admitted to Nursery, a child must be 3 years by February, 2001. Other Classes For admissions to Lower KG + Upper KG there will be an entrance test. Parents must submit the child's progress report and a recommendation letter from the previous school attended, along with the form.

School starts at exactly 8:30 a.m. and finishes at 2:30 p.m. We provide a bus service. A list of bus stops and timings will be given in
February. We would like parents to be at the stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time, in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Please remember that you have only one child to care for whereas, we have the responsibility for so many. The bus will not wait for more than two minutes at each stop. In the afternoon, if a child is not picked up on time, the child will be brought back to school and a fine of Rs.100.00 will be charged.

The school uniform will be provided by the school and the amount will be charged in the bill. The school uniform is a cream shirt and Royal blue pants/skirts, according to the stipulated design, dark blue socks and black shoes. The school sweater is Navy blue with a yellow border. In addition to this, the children require white pants/skirts, white shirt, socks and white canvas shoes, to be worn every Wednesday and Friday. Parents must provide a pair of black leather shoes and white canvas shoes. A fine of Rs.25.00 will be charged for wearing the wrong uniform on any particular day. In addition to this, the school is very particular about neatness and cleanliness.

We provide a hot and substantial lunch for which a nominal fee is charged. Lunch is compulsory for all and no one is allowed to bring any food or drink from home. We give boiled and filtered water. The menu for lunch is posted on the school notice board. Meat is given twice a week and fruit every afternoon.
Extra-Curricular Activities
a) Games
  Every Wednesday and Friday morning, the children exercise and play games for an hour.
b) Paper craft
  Children are taught this skill throughout the year. Craft being very important for the overall development of the children, we give it a lot of importance.
c) Dance
  We have been conducting dance and singing classes since the establishment of the school in 1981. The teachers are professional and take great interest in teaching little children.
The fee structure for the year is as follows:
a) Admission + Rs.2500
b) Tuition Rs.815
c) Stationery Rs.472
d) Lunch Rs.971
e) Conveyance Rs.1012
f) Dance Rs.155
g) Games Rs.97
h) Paper craft Rs.98


Bills are issued for 2 months at a time and payment must be made within one month from the date of issue.
The first bill will be for the months of February-March, next for April-May, then June-July, August-September, October-November and lastly December-January.
Tuition fee is charged for all 12 months. There will be no reduction during periods of absence. All payments are to be made at the office from Monday through Friday.

NOTE: We would like parents to visit The School and have a look around in order to get first hand information about the school.
For Details Contact:
Telephone: 522221