Simply suggest an answer for the following Sajilo questions. All entries must enter before 12:00 am day, Oct 14th, 2004. Lucky winners will be informed through mails and their names will be listed on this site. All entries will be kept confidential. The lucky draw on Oct 15th, 2004. Any entries from the relatives of the staff of  sajilo dot com will be invalid.

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Women In Sports -- Dance Party, Concert, Fete, Games, ETC, etc

Venue: Shahinshah, Dapasi
Time: 8 am -- fete and bowling 3 pm- concert
Ticket: 250 and 500
Attraction: rappaz union, mad zone live in aid of Women In Sports

All Answers Your Choice. There's no wrong and a right answer. Even if we don't get the right answer, you still have a chance of winning.

Suggest for the following:
1. Name your favorite Disco in Nepal: :
2. Do you smoke cigarette: :
3. Do you drink any Kind of alcohol: :
4. Have you ever tried any kind of illegal drugs (specify): :
5. Do you have a tatoo on any part of your body: :
6. Have you pierced any part of your body except the ears and the nose (specify): :
7. Your Age :
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