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Plant Physiology, Fouth Edition presents a modern introduction to plant physiology today. It blends current research with a sense of historical perspective and does so in a book of manageable size that is designed with teh needs of the beginning student in mind. Some of the topics: Plant cells-Structure and Function, Diffusion, Osmosis, Imbibition, Absorption & Translocation of Water,.....Function of Essential Mineral Elements and symptoms of Mineral Deficiency.
Name: Plant Physiology by Devlin & Withan
4th Edition

Price: Rs. 120

The text book of Zoology by Shri R.D Vidyarthi is a book written mainly for the students of Intermediate classes in Nepal. The book is written in an easy lucid style and is profusely illustrated, containing the subject matter of morphology, anatomy, histology and embryology of the common Indian frog rana tigrina. The skeleton, which is ordinarily considered to be a dull subject because of the matter-of-fact manner in which it is dealth, is in this book given in an original style which makes it an interesting reading. Some of the topics are: Cell Biology, Frog, Rabbit, Amoeba, Paramecium, Parasite, Leucosolenia, Hydra......, Heredity, Evolution.. and etc.
Name: Textbook Of Zoology by R.D. Vidyarthi
1994 by S.Chand & Company

Price: Rs. 100

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